Long Term Unemployment – Tips to Boost Your Job Search

Being unemployed is a phase of life where one can succumb to a lot of negativity and suffer from low morale. This fact is more evident during long-term unemployment, specially when you’re the breadwinner and there are no financial resources available as a backup. You’re doing all that you can to look up for jobs, but not finding any. During such a phase, you must pause from the routine, introspect, make changes in your job search strategy and realign.


We’ve compiled a list of 5 boosters that will help you in redefining your job search strategy. Here they are-

1) Apply for Unemployment Insurance

Provides you immediate financial relief in the form of weekly monetary payments from the government. All states provide up to 26 weeks of unemployment compensation for those who lost their jobs due involuntary reasons such as layoffs. The applicant should be actively looking for jobs and must be able and available to accept a suitable job offer.

The Dole as it is popularly known may not match the standards of the wages you drew, but should be sufficient to cover the basic day to day expenses. Do apply for it as soon as you’re unemployed to ensure continuity in income.

2) Take Up a Part Time/Freelance Job

Along with the unemployment compensation, your source of income can be a part time job. Assuming you will have plenty of time in a typical day, signing up for a part-time/freelance job not only helps you with monetary backing but will also keep you occupied.

The most reliable medium to look up for small time jobs will be on the internet. Register and update your Resume on various job portals and make periodic contacts. You can also scout for opportunities in local communities or by registering for relevant services provided by the labor department in your state.

3) Don’t Heed to Negative Emotions

Being jobless is a phase of life that can give rise to a lot of gloomy emotions which in turn can hurt your mental well being. It’s paramount to stay strong and not give up to negative emotions. Treat it like a passing phase of your life and understand the fact that there are thousands of unemployed people just like you, working hard to make it happen.

Control your personal expenses and don’t succumb to addictions such as drinking and drugs. Jobless days are one of the most susceptible phases to give in to addictions. As much as it important to control yourself, its equally vital to take care of your family.

4) Refocus & Relay Job Search Strategy

Draw a list of activities you’re currently following to look up for jobs, write them down and analyze. Some of your mediums may not be productive. Eliminate such instances. Being self-motivated and strategic thinking can do the job.

Chalk out a brand new strategy and start fresh. Sources such as job portals are more yielding that applying manually with companies. Watch out for job fairs in your area where employers come together under one umbrella. Participation in these events can be highly fruitful.

5) Network & Explore Other Mediums

Build new networks and re-establish old ones. Your next job contract may come by means of an old colleague or a friend referring your profile. Participate in forums and discussions, both online and offline.

This is also the right time to explore other avenues. If a certain skill outside your background interests you, try exploring it. If this dream requires additional training/course, sign up for it. It is never late to make a career change, you must be open and willing to explore latest trends.

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  1. I am in a unique situation. I would like to know if even though I work for a church that does not pay into unemployment, I have only been here a year and my job previous did pay into unemployment. Would I be eligible for unemployment benefits if I were laid off? This is in the state of Nevada. If so, how long do I have before that is NOT the case? In other words, I know that benefits usually go back 18 months. Would it be the same in this case?

    1. Leslee,

      As much as I am aware, church employees do not qualify to receive UI benefits. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  2. The unemployment office in Nevada doesn’t answer the phone. They have a recording that says they only take new claims on Monday, and Tuesday, from 8am to 4pm. But if you call at 8am, they tell you that the “Que is already full for the day.” How can that be possible if they don’t start accepting calls until 8am? No wonder unemployment in the United States is DOWN! They don’t accept phone calls after they tell you online that you “have to call to confirm your information” and then they don’t take the calls.

  3. I have called as soon as they open and they just say please call on the next business day I DID and you still didn’t answer

  4. Could you please provide a reference for the following statement in your article – please see below. Thanks.
    “You may also be qualified for unemployment benefits if:
    …You entered Commission-Approved Training and the job is not considered suitable under Section 20 relating to your availability for work, active search for work or refusal to accept suitable work”.

  5. If I exhausted all my benefits last year 2019 and my new benefit year starts back up in Jan. 2020 can I reapply? I still should have money in other quarters from my previous job.

    1. Yvette,

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  6. Can i receive unemployment if my car broke down and i couldnt work cause i work outta my car and i couldnt afford to get it fixed so i ended up not working there anymore cause the car situation

    1. Willie,

      I can understand your situation. However, I am not sure if you can claim for voluntary reasons. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

      1. Hello,

        I have been unemployed since this past July. My regular unemployment benefits are running out. Can I apply for Emergency Unemployment Benefits after this claim expires? What can I do?

        Thank you,D. ANDERSON

  7. I filed my first bi-weekly claim today but it only took my first week. Are there only certain weeks I can file 2 weeks worth of unemployment?

    1. How strict are they on the school program being less than 2 years for CTB training extension? I have an interview next week for a Training Extension. I started school this week, I am set to finish just a few months over the 2 year mark. Finishing in May 2022.

  8. What if it’s an employer that is threatening over it being personal home life and nothing to do with work or the work place??

    1. Kelly,

      You can be eligible to claim if you resign due to hostile working conditions. Please make sure to check with the Unemployment Office before making a decision.

        1. Paula,

          A copy should be available on the department’s website. You will be able to download after logging in.

  9. I finally start new job on Monday. My work hours are 6;30-6:30pm.
    How can I file my last two weeks if I’m working

    Can I. Call Tuesday? What number?

      1. Hello, I live in the state of Pennsylvania, for reference. I was told on 1/9/2020 I am being let go because of financial issues my employer and office is having. With that, my employer said I can work for the next two weeks to give me time to find another job and if circumstances change they will call me back to work. My question is, Where do I go to figure out my quarter dollar amount earnings for my highest 4 out of 5 quarters. I’ve been with this employer for 7 months, started June 2019. Before that I was unemployed for 5 months and before that I was employed for years up until Feb 2019.

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