Suicidal Behavior Among Unemployed Youth

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Updated : June 25th, 2019

Economic growth and Unemployment

A fast-paced economy is known to provide its citizens with better jobs. But with an exponential rise in education, the employment opportunities have not grown at the same pace. As a result of the same, many unemployed youths are being registered for suicidal behavior. Failing to meet employment expectations after college is being seen as one of the biggest threats to nation’s economy and growth.

A Perfect Life and its Side-Effects

A lush green home with well-equipped amenities is being projected as the best life for today’s youth, which is leading them to hopelessness and depression in the case of unemployment. There is a rapid growth in therapist consultation to overcome such situations but of all, there seems no solution as yet. A nation thriving for consumerism and materialism as its representatives of the perfect life, there seems no moment of free air that’s free of debt and the resulting pressure.

According to JasonFoundation, 3,041 suicide attempts are registered every single day in the nation which clearly indicates the kind of mental stress nation’s youth is going through. The youth suicide statistics are disturbing as suicide is the second biggest cause of death among college youth(age 12-18). There are several measures being resorted to avoiding such tendencies; but it is being seen as a result of increased competition and hence, the pressure on nation’s youth.

Unemployed Youth
For Hope, cut the rope

How to tackle Suicidal behavior and Unemployment

1. Staying busy

The biggest challenge faced during unemployment is to stay motivated and away from all the surrounding negativity that sets in. This is possible if you can take up a hobby or do something that you really enjoy. Improving your job-skills simultaneously is an excellent way to prepare yourself for all the future opportunities.

Setting a routine and introducing discipline in your daily chores is an excellent way to get rid of the laziness and stay active. It also helps to keep negative thoughts at bay and gives you the power to think positive and stay focused. The major hazard of being unemployed is to not be able to use your time effectively, which if overcome, can result in impressive results and a joyous being.

2. Avoiding critical behavior

One of the major reasons behind increasing suicidal tendency among nation’s youth is the pressure they face from family and friends. Evaluating people based on their professional achievements should be avoided as it can cause a major disconnect in one’s confidence and self-esteem. It should also be made sure that the close ones refrain from being critical of the unemployed person and try and motivate him to achieve his dreams. This way, with everyone’s support, it becomes easier for the person to put in more efforts and achieve his goals without being fearful of the results.

Critical behavior from family is considered to be one of the major reasons behind suicidal tendencies and change in behavior can provide a lot of support. It can also help them stay positive and not feel neglected. The same should be taught in schools and practiced at home to ensure no life is lost due to unemployment.

3. Having a closed circle

Another effective way to avoid negative thoughts is to maintain a closed circle. Staying close to your loved ones without letting any outer people interfere in your personal life, or persuade you into something wrong should also be practiced. This way, your dear ones are aware of your emotional and mental situation and can provide you with emotional and financial support in times of need.

Staying away from people who make you think badly of yourself will also help you minimize the surrounding negativity and move ahead with increased motivation. Getting rid of habits like drinking, smoking could also help you stay calm and relaxed without pressurizing yourself much.

4. Family support

Our family is the one that stands by us in the good and the bad times. It is the family that holds our hand and keeps us from falling by providing us the strength to move ahead in life with a high-head. It is important for today’s youth to stay close to their family and keep them updated about all the ongoing events. Hence, whenever there is a situation where you need support, you will never find yourself fighting along with it.

According to a study, being with family also reduces stress and anxiety, key factors for developing suicidal tendency. The emotional support also makes us feel safe and protected. It also keeps you wary of unwanted people and helps you stay strong about yourself. This way, you can not only treat the ailment but also develop a bond with your family.

It is advisable for parents to take some time out for their children and stay close to them. In a world where technology runs humans, it is difficult to figure out emotions from faces hidden behind the messages exchanged. Hence, pay a visit to your children on a regular basis and make sure you make them feel at home and safe.


The essence of life is to be happy. These steps will not only help you create a better life for yourself but also make you a better human being. With patience and continuous efforts, you can achieve what you want. Getting rid of those suicidal thoughts is difficult but with dedication and hard-work, you can live a life you desire, which is free of fear and full of life.

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  1. I applied for unemployment in New Mexico because I wasn’t getting my full-time hours and my checks were never correct I was constantly fighting with the company now I’ve exhausted my unemployment benefits and they sent me a questionnaire about my work and it says adjuctation what does that mean.. I am extremely frightened

    1. Amal,

      Adjudication is like an “Appeals” process. You may be asked to present facts and paperwork relating to your claim. If everything is fine with your claim, please face it with confidence. You’ll be given a sound hearing.

    1. Carolyn,

      If this is your initial claim, it will take a min. of 7-10 business days for the determination to be made. Please reach out to the Unemployment Office for more.

    1. David,

      Please let us know the state you’re writing from. You can also visit the Unemployment Office’s official website for phone numbers.

    2. My initial unemployment benefits run out next month. How long does it take for the extension to be determined? As I havent found suitable work. And have met all requirements to find employment. Filed in TX. If I qualify for benefits do I automatically qualify for an extention?

      1. Le,

        The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.


    1. James,

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  3. I am Disabled I have had several surgeries on my lower spine. I found that I was not able to male it die to Bills became overwhelming.
    I got a Job with S3 security in Tallahassee f. Where I found out that all company rules were online and They said I needed to find them and opine to them. I told them I was with Dyslexia and I. could not find them. and 2. if I could have would not have been able to remember them. this is one of my life time Disabilities. I asked to be explained the Rules but was not. For 6 mounts I was praised by the places I worked. Then recently the Sargent told me to help a student locked out there Apartment. So I did. Next day he wanted to write me up for doing what he told me to do. I told him No I would not sign a demerit that would follow me around for ever Paper work does that! I all ways did the best I could. The Captain had made a open threat that he would do all he could to take badges and make us look bad to Fla. AG. I had hurt my ankle and am getting over it. They say the wishes of Property manager was reason I was Terminated with not following post orders. Not signing the forms excepting the wright ups. With just having Epidurals to ease the Spinal pain and them being 1/2 done I had attitude to being lied on by my Sargent. When I was told to do a job. I am kinda Glad I am out of there. No Supervision just the Sargent larking in shadows waiting to wright me up to make him look good so it seemed. I had to use my own Ins. to go get help for my leg. Now I don’t know if I can get Unemployment due to what they say I did after suitability doing the best I could to keep the Complex and Students as safe that I could.

    1. William,

      UI benefits are offered to claimants who’re able and available for work. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification. Hope you get well soon!

  4. I have been trying to fill out unemployment application on line, but it will not let me put my social security # in the spaces

  5. From 1/2018 to 10/2018 I worked for a Merriville-based organization but I live in Illinois. The employer told me I couldn’t claim unemployment from Indiana because of my Illinois residency. Yesterday, I learned that I should have been able to. Can I claim those benefits now? I was unemployed from 10/19/2018 until 8/24/2019.

  6. I am trying to file a new unemployment claim on line and the link says it cant be reached. Are you experiencing any web site problems?

  7. I RECIEVED A”MY DOCUMENT” DATED 8/26/2019-TODAY STATING I DID NOT SEARCH FOR 2 JOBS LAST WEEK…BUT,1- 1/2 DAYS AGO, EARLY SUNDAY MORNING, JUST LIKE I HAVE FOR 9-WEEKS,I DID WHAT THEM SYSTEM TOLD ME TO DO. I FILED MY WEEKLY BENEFITS TELLING Y’ALL THAT ON THURSDAY 8/23/2019 I BEGAN WORKING AGAIN. I TOLD ON MY CLAIMING WEEKLY BENEFIT FORM THAT I ALSO WORKED FRIDAY. I TOLD THE AMOUNT OF MONEY I EARNED PER-HOUR, I TOLD THAT I I worked 16hrs for the week ending 8/24/19,i gave the total amount,and i told i have not got 10 cents of the money yet,and $12.75×16 is not more than $326.00. I just got home to learn payment is being held,once again i’m being punish for an unemployment crime i did’nt commit. Four hours of interviews last week led to me getting hired, that led to 16hrs of work,that was reported within the rules. I did everything right.

    1. Please register with PAcareerlink and attend the RESEA orientation as required and take the necessary documents with you. Then
      begin an active job search. The state wants to see this activity and is done in order to receive your benefit compensation.

      Take care

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