A Guide To The Extended Unemployment Benefits In New Jersey

As regular Unemployment Insurance (UI) begins to expire for more than 1.4 million New Jerseyans, the state Legislature has passed a new bill that allows more unemployed people to receive extended unemployment benefits in New Jersey. So, who qualifies for the Extended Benefits in New Jersey under the new bill? Know it here! 

The Extended Unemployment Benefits In New Jersey 

The state Department Of Labor (DOL) had announced extended unemployment benefits in New Jersey in July 2020. The extension was possible because the state had reached high unemployment periods. According to the Department, high unemployment periods are those times when the unemployment rate of the state reaches 8% for the most recent 3 months. The state’s unemployment rate is 15.3% in April, 15.2% in May, and 16.8% in June. 

Under the Extended Benefits (EB) program, the unemployed New Jerseyans will be able to claim benefits for an additional 20 weeks, provided they have exhausted benefits received through the regular 26 weeks of benefits and extra 13 weeks of the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation program.

The cost of the Extended Benefits (EB) is equally split between the federal government and the state unemployment trust fund.

Who Qualifies For The Extended Benefits In New Jersey?

To qualify for the 20 weeks New Jersey unemployment extension, you should meet several eligibility requirements. They include:

  • You must be fully or partially unemployed through no fault of your own
  • You must exhaust all benefits received through the regular state unemployment benefits and PEUC program
  • You must not qualify for any other unemployment benefits in another state or territory 
  • You must have worked for at least 20 base weeks, or your wages are 40 times your Weekly Benefit Rate (WBR) on your original unemployment claim 
  • You must have earned 4 times your WBR in your subsequent employment if you were terminated for misconduct or refused to accept or apply for suitable work and were disqualified on your original unemployment claim
  • You must apply and accept a suitable work  


1. If you are an out of state resident and are claiming EB against the State of New Jersey, you can receive benefits only for 2 weeks unless you are defined as a commuter under the Unemployment Compensation Law of New Jersey or the state in which you are residing in also has an EB.

2. Under EB law, suitable work means any job which is within your physical and mental capabilities. If you have the physical and mental capabilities of performing the job, the work will be suitable for you, provided the following criteria are met.

  • Your gross average pay for the offered job exceeds your WBR
  • You pay exceeds or equals the minimum wage of $11.00 an hour
  • The job is listed with Workforce New Jersey or was offered in writing   

    Who Cannot Collect Extended Benefits In New Jersey?

    If you don’t meet the above-mentioned New Jersey unemployment extension eligibility criteria, you will not qualify for the extended benefits. You will also be ineligible to collect benefits for additional 20 weeks if you meet any of the following metrics. 

    1. You qualify for the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program. 
    2. You have refused to apply for or accept suitable work unless you have subsequent employment in which you worked for a minimum 4 weeks and earned a minimum 4 times your Weekly Benefit Rate.
    3. You haven’t reported or accepted a Workforce New Jersey job referral. 

    How To Apply For The Extended Unemployment Benefits In New Jersey?

    You need not reapply for the Extended Benefits in New Jersey if you are already claiming and receiving benefits. You will automatically be enrolled in the state-issued benefits program when the PEUC benefits end. The Department will send you a mail if you qualify for the program. Note that due to the high volume of unemployment claims, the mail may be sometimes delayed. 

    However, if you are not claiming regular benefits, you must first file a claim. Below, we will tell you how to file for unemployment benefits in New Jersey.

    How To Apply For New Jersey Unemployment Benefits?

    If you don’t have a UI account, you must first register by visiting https://www.myunemployment.nj.gov. While registering, you will be asked to submit several documents. Some of them include: 

    • Your name 
    • Your address
    • Your mail ID and phone number
    • Your Social Security Number (SSN)
    • Your employers’ address 
    • Your employers’ names 
    • Your Alien Registration Number, if you are a non-U.S. citizen

    If you already have an account, login using your credentials, and file an unemployment claim. You can also apply by calling your nearest Reemployment Call Center. 

    Note that you can file a claim online only if: 

    • All of your employment in the last 18 months was in New Jersey
    • You reside within the United States
    • You did not serve in the military in the last 18 months
    • You were not a maritime employee in the last 18 months
    • You were not a federal government employee in the last 18 months

    Upon applying, the Department will review your application and send an approval mail. It is important that you apply for benefits every 2 weeks to receive continued payment. 

    Final Words 

    The new bill is a boon to New Jerseyans who are on the verge of losing federal benefits the next month. The bill would not only allow more claimants to receive benefits and meet their basic needs but also allow the Department to easily determine the eligibility and process the applications.





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    1. I was getting UI in N.C. based on covid dangers. I was 69 years old. I took a part-time temporary job with the U S census bureau. I resigned after 6 weeks because the covid risk was to high because people I interviewed refused to wear masks. I filed to reactivate my claim 16 weeks ago. I have not had any determination as of yet.

    2. I would like to know if i am eligible for the 11 weeks of 300 and when will i recieve theem? I have ran out iof weeks on my pua. I still do my weekly claim and it shows the amout but just says summited.. Pleasse help

    3. My case has been in adjudication since dec 7 2020 I applied oct 2020 and still no payments I cal and call no answer what can I do please help me

      • Cynthia,

        There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

    4. Iam looking to file for partial unemployment iam working at Walmart been there 15years my. Hours are cut down to nothing 11hours the new schedule they are hiring people and cutting hours they claim my availability isn’t open I noticed other cashier’s without open availability get hours i noticed not being sheduled on the weekend other people obtain there schedule but I haven’t

    5. I miss markedca question on July 12th and still havnt been paid since. Almost 30weeks smh this is terrible I call I’m a few times a week to be told hang in there its approved and coming just grab a cold one and chill. I wish I had money to buy a cold one wtf… . So pissed and losing everything. Why can’t we get ahold of agudication team we know someone has a phone on that floor but you guys say no one can get ahold of them unless u email them thays complete bs for 5 months now they been emailing them to tell them to fix it as well as I do and still only get remain calm relax and get a beer ya ok I just want my money I missed Christmas my kids bdays like how much more or longer do I have to wait this is terrible

    6. What do I got to do my employment ran out in December I don’t know if I have to sign up for it or not can you let me know please and thank you

    7. My unemployment claim says benefit payment control audit and it has been 7 weeks of filing and I haven’t heard nothing what is the deal

    8. I have been waiting for my payment for 9 weeks already . Since 11/28/2020 to 01/24/2021.
      Been called many times to solve this issue. But until now it is still not clear up. I waited patiently but seems they don’t do anything. I need the money very badly I’am a single mom , have a lots of dues to pay and buy food to eat . Please i’am begging I need help to solve and take a look once and for all this issue.

      • Natividad,

        I can understand your situation.There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

    9. can you direct me in what paperwork needs to be fulfilled to transfer pua benefits from California to ny?
      california phone lines do not operate as volume out weighs operators.
      thank you.

      Laurie Potash

      • Laurie,

        You should be easily able to fulfil the paperwork online. Please login to your account for relevant options.

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