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The Female Unemployment Issue In America

Updated : August 4th, 2020

Despite more jobs being available today in the U.S., unemployment still plagues some sections of the society. While the unemployment rate is officially recorded at 5%, the surveys don’t always tell the complete story.

Female unemployment

In this article, let’s discuss the issues faced by adult American women in specific. Over the years, we’ve seen that the females have stepped up to play an active part in contributing to the economy. However, studies have revealed that females face more unemployment woes than their equally qualified male counterparts. Although many reasons could be stated for this phenomenon, many women wonder whether it is the age old misogyny at play.

Why The Gender Gap In Unemployment Rates?

Women have always been known to juggle their time between family and career more than men. This often takes its toll on their professional lives. This is especially true after childbirth. While most European women find a way to have both, their American counterparts find the 12 week maternity leave too short for their liking and so choose to quit jobs. This often leads to a period of unemployment, post which, getting back to work is cumbersome for many.

This sole reason is often held responsible for America falling behind other European countries when it comes to women’s unemployment. The percentage of working women in the nineties was 74 and has since then dropped to 69.

For less educated and financially not well off women, this reason is never more true. The cost of child care just isn’t worth returning to work.

Current Rate Of Unemployment Among Women In America

As per the United States Department of Labor, the following are the percentages of unemployed women in various age groups.

Age Group Percentage
16-19 6.4%
20-24 8.6%
25-34 16.6%
35-44 15.7%
45-54 17.1%
55-64 16.1%
65 and above 19.5%

(Source – Women’s Bureau, U.S. Dept. of Labor)

Is It A Man’s World Afterall?

Absolutely not. According to the current employment statistics, approximately 11 million people are without jobs (i.e., full time jobs). While a greater percentage is constituted of women, it does not in anyway mean that women cannot make a return after a break.

We recommend that you look into unemployment rates of 2015 and factors like hostile work environment to find out contributing factors for female unemployment. If you are currently unemployed, we suggest that you look into applying for unemployment benefits for temporary financial assistance.

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  1. how to backdate weekly certification for pua in Louisiana to get my retroactive pay. Please if someone knows the answer please reply Thank you

  2. I am on unemployment and I qualify for the extra $300 I recieved the back pay and I recieved the $300 last week but I didnt this week can anyone tell me why?

  3. I know a lady that committed fraud in NC She lives in Goldsboro NC, she is a full time teacher getting paid every month and still receiving unemployment benefits. She also worked at Kay’s jewelry part time. She quit Kay’s jewelry to receive the unemployment benefits for her weekly payment $355+600=955 she dose pay $100 dollars a week for insurance which she gets $855+$3500 dollars every month, that means she gets $7000or$8000 a month and she is still getting $315 dollars + her full time teacher’s pay 315 every week. She slipped through the cracks and she has not been caught. I was told if you are employed full time, you could not get unemployment benefits. Please look into this case: her name is Nicole Renae Brehon works at Goldsboro Highschool in NC

    1. Lenise,

      Please note this is a private forum. If you suspect fraud, please report it immediately to the Unemployment Office. There will be a “Report Fraud” option on the official website.

  4. Hi I applied for unemployment since July I have called several times gotten different answers the last call they pulled my claim due to an error in the system been . I shut down my buisness February 6th Due to Covid19 I have 5 children another 2 weeks no payment of benefits please help.

    1. I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals.

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