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Filing For Unemployment Insurance While On Other Welfare Benefits

Updated : September 29th, 2022

This topic is one that haunts many unemployed people. Filing for social welfare benefits while receiving unemployment benefits or vice versa is a matter that requires serious attention. Generally, the State and Federal law does not allow you to receive multiple benefits together, however, in some cases, you can file for Unemployment Insurance (UI) and also claim other benefits.

On this page we will guide you through filing for Unemployment Insurance and other social welfare benefits. But first, let’s take a look at different types of social welfare benefits available to an unemployed person.

  1. Social security disability insurance (SSDI)
  2. Supplemental security insurance (SSI)
  3. Social security retirement benefits
  4. Pension
  5. Military benefits
Unemployed Welfare programs
Govt. Assistance programs available to the unemployed people

Filing For UI While On Social Security Disability Insurance

Filing for UI and disability insurance simultaneously poses a challenge. One of the eligibility criteria for Unemployment Insurance is that you should be able to and available for work. But if you are disabled, you will be unavailable for or unable to  work.

The good news is that sometimes the law does show leniency and allow you to collect both unemployment compensation and SSDI at the same time. That said, the eligibility and other determining factors vary from person to person. You may need to approach an experienced attorney to find out whether you qualify for both.

Note that if you qualify, depending on the state you live in, there are chances that the UI benefit amount will be reduced by a certain percentage as you have another source of income.

Filing For UI while On Supplemental Security Income

You can qualify for the Supplemental Security Income if you have low income. You  should also be 65+ years, disabled or blind. Social Security Administration (SSA) administers and the U.S. Treasury general funds sponsors the SSI program. 

In most cases, you will be allowed to file for Unemployment Insurance even if you are collecting SSI. However, depending on the state you live in, your SSI benefit amount will be affected because of unemployment benefits. 

Filing For UI while On Social Security Retirement Benefits

You can qualify for Social Security Retirement Benefits only if you had paid social security during your earning years. You can apply for UI while on Social Security Retirement Benefits. 

Note that in many states UI benefits are not considered as earned wages and hence your amount through the Social Security program won’t be affected. 

Filing For UI While On Pension

You can file for UI while on pension. But depending on the reasons behind you leaving the job, your eligibility may be affected. Note that some pensions do affect Unemployment Insurance claims. This means that if you are receiving pension from an employer for whom you worked during your base period, the UI benefit amount may be reduced up to 50%. However, if you solely contributed to your pension funds, the benefit amount will be unaffected.

Filing For UI While Receiving Military Benefits

There is a separate scheme of welfare programs for ex- servicemen (UCX). You can qualify for this program if you are unable to find work after leaving the military. Here, UI and military benefits that you are eligible for are considered one and the same.

A Word Of Advice

Failing to report alternate sources of income or committing fraud are serious offenses which could even land you in prison. Therefore, submit authentic information on your claims and other formalities. 


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