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Can you be fired for a private conversation?

Updated : September 23rd, 2022

Fired a Private Conversation

Can I get fired for “unprofessional comments” made OUTSIDE the workplace?

Posted by Mag

I had a conversation with a coworker outside of work, it was on a Saturday during a class we had together. The class was not for work. Then the coworker told our employer about all the negative things I said (leaving out the negative things SHE said or the numerous POSITIVE things I said). I can understand if I was on company time and was complaining about work. However isn’t it my right to verbally express my opinions OUTSIDE of work? Wouldn’t that make it wrongful termination?

Hi Mag,

I’m right there with you .. in thought. How can an employer fire you for something you said in a private conversation with a co-worker on your time-off? Nice co-worker.

Wrongful termination? I don’t know about that. What do you think the reason really was for terminating you, other than the conversation?

Had there been other issues at work which might make the discharge an act of retaliation for “other things work related”? You know, complaints to HR, managers, valid issues you were raising about the work?

“At will employment” does not afford much protection, unless we are vigilant in protecting ourselves, which in my mind means raising issues with the employer when the issue presents itself.

They can fire you… the question is can you prove they fired you for an illegal reason?

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