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Unemployed? We can help.

From career options to legal advice, we offer all the resources you need during your hard times.

unemployment-left-banner has, since its inception, sought to provide the necessary information you require to apply for Unemployment Insurance. From listing eligibility criteria to providing a means to calculate your benefit amount, our intention was always to offer helpful and necessary information to all.

But what any unemployed individual can tell you is that while UI is useful, it is the means to regain employment that is important in the longer term. At the same time, there is no denying that the job market is constantly changing and one requires access to more and more resources to gain a competitive edge.

The Unemployment Guide is an effort to list sources, solutions, and services that can be of help during your tough times. Be it advice on your career, financial assistance or more, we have you covered.

Career Advice

Guidance From The Best


Getting laid off is not the best feeling in the world. Apart from the financial predicament, losing a job can cripple your confidence and leave you questioning everything about yourself.

The competitive job market makes finding a new job seem like a formidable task. For those looking to regain employment after a long time out of work, things may seem especially arduous. If you had to look for a silver lining, though, you could take this time to get certified, learn new skills or even contemplate a career switch.

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Financial Assistance

Temporary Monetary Relief


The loss of a job takes a toll on your finances inevitably, and your savings may not last very long. For low-income groups who live from one paycheck to the next, UI and other benefit programs help sail through the unemployed period. However, Unemployment Insurance isn't inexhaustible and will run out after a while.

Governments, federal and state alike, offer various financial assistance programs and support services to help those in need. There are also other financial relief measures that you can choose.

What are they? We have the details.