Unemployment Guide

“It is on our failures that we base a new and different and better success.” – Havelock Ellis

Whether you quit or lost your job, there is no need to doubt in your abilities. There are plenty of opportunities to build a better life. This website intends to help you. We offer several guides explaining how to file for unemployment benefits only because that is the first thing you do when you are out of job. There are several other things unemployed workers must do such as looking for stable income.

We constantly bring you new opportunities to generate income – whether it is to find a new job, set up your business, finding freelancing opportunities, or build your online empire using thousands of affiliate marketing opportunities.

How to file for unemployment?

First things first. Here is a quick overview about filing for unemployment benefits. Many unemployed workers fail to apply for unemployment insurance due to paperwork fear. While it is true that it is a complex process, many state unemployment offices have now simplified the process. Here is the 3 step process –

  1. Check unemployment benefits eligibility to make sure you qualify for the benefits
  2. We have prepared unemployment guides for each state. Visit Unemployment Benefits by State, choose your State and quickly learn about benefits and claims process
  3. Understand unemployment insurance program and estimate your unemployment benefits
  4. Using our detailed guide, file for unemployment

Current Unemployment Rate in U.S.

This graph shows current status of unemployment in the country. If you want to check your state, click on the graph and select your state.

Insufficient Unemployment Benefits?

Unemployment benefits are not meant to replace your income. Instead it only covers your basic living expenses, because the Government wants you you to find a job soon. The obvious next step would be to find a source of stable income. You can look for traditional employment based sources and find a job, but in turbulent times, you do not find the job that fits you. Employers are finding cheap labor abroad and many traditional jobs are being eliminated. You need to be in the constant lookout for jobs and keep learning new vocational skills.

What is the alternative, you ask. There are some. There are new avenues to make money. You should not expect them to provide you full time time employment from day one. You should start slow and earn part-time income from those sources and gradually improve the business. Here is a short list of such opportunities. We will publish more articles about this topic soon.

  1. Work at home – Buy home based franchises, paid surveys, rebate processor etc.
  2. Freelancing work – write content for blogs, for article sites and for Internet Marketers.
  3. Affiliate Marketing – connect buyers and sellers using sites such as, and
  4. Make Money on eBay, Amazon stores etc.
  5. Build websites and earn money through advertisements. Build websites in a specific niche area, market them online and throw Google Adsense to earn a decent repeat income.