Resume-building services: Do You Need One?

One of the most important factors that could land you in your dream job is a great resume. So, If you are stuck in the process of creating or updating your resume, getting help with it is now easier than ever. Learn how you can find an effective and readily available resume writing service to grab that golden job opportunity.

What is a resume-building service?

Resume building services help job seekers to create a resume that represents their best qualifications and skills for a job. You can use a resume-building service to polish and streamline your resume at any stage of your career. You can enlist the services of full-time professionals or freelancers to make your resume stand out from the rest.

(These services are often also provided by freelancers. Though all resume writers share the same goal to make their candidates stand out from others.)

There are many resume building services today in the market with some standard components such as:

  • A conversation with the resume writer, where you can discuss your qualifications, interests, work experience, and career goals
  • A questionnaire which you are required to fill out to provide your information
  • A rough draft of your resume and often an opportunity to ask for edits

In this article, you will find everything, top resume building tips, companies, and cost details. Keep reading!!

What are the best resume-building services?


  • is a website where job seekers apply for jobs, but the company also offers a resume writing service.
  • They have three plans at $129, $169, and $349.
  • They provide you with a 60-day rewrite guarantee. If you want any changes within this period, they’ll get it done for free.

2. Let’s Eat, Grandma

  • LEG provides both career advice and resume-building services.
  • Their resume writing service includes three packages: Starter plan for $399 (includes cover letter), Accelerated plan for $509, and Premium plan for $649 (includes a free phone call with the writer).
  • In comparison to other companies, LEG has higher prices, but they are experts in producing high-quality documents quickly.

3. The Muse

  • The Muse is an online career platform.
  • They offer three plans: Mentor for $99 (includes chat with the resume writer), Coach for $149 (includes 45 minutes with the writer and two rounds of editing), and Master Coach for $279 (includes 45 minutes with the writer and three rounds of writing).
  • They can be considered a best-priced option with individualized attention under each package.

4. TopResume

  • TopResume was established in 2014 and has since built a team of over 1200 across the United States.
  • They offer three plans for resume writing: Professional Growth at $149, Career Evolution at $219 (includes a cover letter and 60 days guarantee of landing into more interviews), and Executive Priority at $349 (includes everything from the other two plans plus LinkedIn profile makeover).
  • Customers have reviewed that they are very responsive and often exceed the number of edits in the resume.

Why should you use a resume-building service?

The key factor to using resume-building services is to enhance the quality of your resume. However, there are several other reasons to use the services. Check out the list:

  • If you need to improve the writing and content of your resume
  • If you are not getting many interviews
  • If you are not able to describe yourself objectively
  • If you don’t have time to spend on resume writing

So, if the checklist belongs to you, get a resume writing service now.

What are the things you should know before hiring a resume-building service?

Whether updating your resume or drafting a new one, resume creation is not a cakewalk. So, here are some little-known facts you should know before opting for a resume building service:

The process may be longer than expected:

Drafting a quality resume takes time, and many writers take longer than a week, depending on the provided requirements, their bandwidth, or edits. Ensure you provide enough time for the writing process to avoid missing any application deadline.

The company may mislead you:

Yes, if you don't read the fine print, there is a possibility of getting misled. Many resume building services provide guarantees of doubling your interviews, unlimited revisions, or giving a refund. So, we recommend you understand the terms and conditions carefully before signing up.

You may not always find qualified writers:

Many resume writing services offer lower rates to sustain a profitable business. You should research the company and avoid any inexperienced writer.

How to choose a resume-building service?

To select a reputable company that meets your needs, start your search online, and follow these suggestions:

  1. Look out for references and recommendations on the resume building service’s website.
  2. Check out the company’s website, and see if it looks professional. It must contain fees, package details, and the resume writing process.
  3. Request past work and samples from them, as it will give you an idea of the quality of the writing.
  4. Once you have shortlisted a few companies, interact with their writers. Make sure you are comfortable with them.
  5. Don’t forget to research the writers’ qualifications, training, and experience. Look if they have certifications such as (CPRW) certified professional resume writer, (MRW) master resume writer, (CERW) certified expert resume writer.
  6. Lastly, choose the one that meets all your requirements and guarantee their work.

What are the tips for identifying fraudulent services?

While looking for a resume-building service, there might be a possibility of finding fraudulent services. To avoid any such scams, identify the companies with these tips:

  • Before finalizing the company, check the credibility by looking for online reviews and ratings. Don’t fully trust the company if it has a lot of positive or 5-star reviews.
  • Another red flag is if the company is making unrealistic promises such as job promises, fast or cheap services. Make sure the information on their website is transparent. You can double-check it through reviews.
  • If there is a lack of human interaction, something is suspicious. Most companies can't create a great resume without having a word with you. So, if the only thing you get on their website is live chats and bots, walk the other way.

Is it worth hiring a resume writing service?

Writing a strong resume is crucial for the job finding process but is not easy. So, resume building services are worth the cost only if they deliver quality output and provide appropriate customer services. However, not all companies do this.

To decide which resume-building service is suitable for you, do your homework first. Rather than finalizing the first company you come across, look at others and ask for sample resumes and cost estimation. You can also reach out to other job seekers in your personal or social network.



How do the resume writing services work?

To start with the resume services, you need to choose a plan. Then to understand you better and find a suitable writer for you, the company will provide you with a questionnaire. The writer will then establish contact via email or phone and ask questions regarding your career or interests.

Lastly, you will receive a draft of your resume at the final stage. If you think it’s okay, the companies generally end the process there. However, if you have any concerns about your resume, you can ask for edits.


How much does resume building services cost?

The cost of a resume-building service depends on the chosen package. The average cost of the basic plan could be $150 or less. However, if you choose the Deluxe plan, it could cost up to $1000.


When will I get my resume?

Depending on the resume writing company, your resume takes anywhere from a couple of days to weeks. However, the process often depends on how quickly you collaborate with the writer.


How to work with the writer?

The collaboration between you and the writer may start with a questionnaire. After that, the writer schedules a meeting to discuss your resume. This meeting typically happens over the phone but can be a video meeting only if you have paid for it. Lastly, when you receive the resume draft, you can give your feedback and ask the writer to make edits often limited.


Why should I hire a resume builder?

If you hire a professional and certified writer, they must know the characteristics and information to highlight on your resume. They will communicate with you about your qualifications, skill-set, career goals and customize an effective resume to get you a job. Additionally, hiring a resume builder allows you to spend time on other essential things like interviews or job searches.

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