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Updated : July 1st, 2021

Utah Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment Insurance (UI) in Utah provides temporary financial assistance to those who have lost jobs for no fault of theirs. The Utah Department of Workforce Services (DWS) administers the UI program in Utah and determines the eligibility criteria for qualifying for benefits. 

Eligibility To Apply For UI Benefits In Utah

The UI benefits are given to those who satisfy all the eligibility criteria, which consists of monetary requirements and job separation requirements. You are also expected to maintain their eligibility throughout the benefit period to remain eligible.

Monetary Eligibility

To gain monetary eligibility, you must have worked in your base period and earned a sufficient amount of wage. The DWS has provided clear qualifying criteria in terms of monetary requirements. However, it will be beneficial to understand some basic concepts to get a good grasp of monetary eligibility.

Base Period: A base period consists of a 12-month (four quarters) period, during which the wages you earned will be considered for eligibility.

Calendar Quarter: A calendar quarter is a set of three months which forms a part of a base period. A base period consists of four calendar quarters, which are:

  • If your claim is effective between January through March – October 1 to September 30
  • If your claim is effective between April through June – January 1 to December 31 July
  • If your claim is effective between July through September – April 1 to March 31
  • If your claim is effective between October through December – July 1 to June 30

Weekly Benefits Amount (WBA): WBA is the amount that you may receive as benefits at the end of the week. The amount is decided by taking the wages you earned in the base period into consideration.

Benefit year: A benefit year is a 52-week period in which your claim was established. In this period, you may file for benefits in the months that you were unemployed, which should not exceed the limit given to you by DWS. The number of weeks one may receive benefits range from 10 to 26 weeks based on the wages earned in the base period.

The wage requirements to qualify for unemployment benefits in Utah are:

  • You must have received wages in at least two or more calendar quarters in your base period
  • Your total base period wages must be at least 1.5 times the wages you earned in your highest quarter
  • You must have at least received $3,700 as wages in your overall base period

Find out more about eligibility requirements

Job Separation

The reason for separating from your previous organization plays a critical role in establishing whether you are eligible for UI benefits or not. You must have lost your jobs for no fault of your own. Here are some of the important conditions you must fulfill to gain eligibility for unemployment benefits in Utah:

  • You were not fired due to any work-related reasons
  • You were not involved in any unethical, illegal or immoral activities in your workplace
  • You did not quit your job voluntarily due to lack of interest
  • You must be partially or completely unemployed
  • You must not have lost your job for any reason that directly concerns you
  • If in case, you are partially unemployed, the wages you earn must be lesser than the WBA you receive every week

Eligibility Calculator

Eligibility requirements – overview

Maintaining Eligibility

You must adhere to all the prescribed rules and regulations even after gaining eligibility for UI benefits. You may end up losing your weekly benefits and your eligibility status if it’s found that you have not followed all the guidelines provided by the DWS.

Some of the important guidelines prescribed by the DWS, which needs to be followed to receive weekly benefits regularly are:

  • You must be available to take up work at all times during the benefit period. This means that you are fit and ready to take up work at all times. If in case you are not available for work in any week, you must promptly inform the DWS regarding the same
  • You must be seeking to get a full-time job opportunity. To establish that you are constantly looking for a job, you must submit a weekly job search report while applying for benefits every week
  • You must meet at least four prospective employers in pursuit of a full-time job. You are expected to maintain a detailed record on the outcome of the contact. It must contain the following details:
    • Date of contact
    • Name of the company
    • Company address
    • Contact details – phone number, email, and weblink
    • The position title of the person contacted
    • Method of contact
    • Results of contact
  • You must accept any suitable job offers you receive. Failure to accept a referral to suitable work, properly apply for a suitable job opening, or accepting a suitable offer will result in cancellation of UI benefits

Find out on job search requirements

How to Apply For UI Benefits in Utah?

You must have the following documents in order to apply for unemployment benefits in Utah:

You can choose to apply for benefits by either filing it online or by placing a telephone call, as per your convenience.


The most preferred mode to apply for benefits is by submitting the application online. In order to do so, you must create a Utah-ID using your email address. To set your Utah-ID up, visit and select “my Unemployment” and “Log in the wage requirements to qualify for UI benefits are,” and this will redirect to the web page to create a Utah-ID.

In order to file your initial claim, visit and log in using your Utah-ID..


You can file your applications for benefits by placing a telephone call. In order to do so, you are required to place calls between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday. Note that the claim centers are closed on holidays and weekends. Make note of the following telephone numbers to reach the correct claim center:

UI Benefit Amount

The Unemployment Insurance Benefits Calculator will help you in knowing the approximate unemployment Benefits provided in Utah.

Benefits Calculator

Unemployment Benefits Calculator
Select Number of Dependents:
0 12 3 4 5
Unemployment Benefits Calculator
State: Utah
Number of Dependents: 0

How much did you earn in each of these quarters?

$ 0
$ 25,000
$ 0
$ 25,000
$ 0
$ 25,000
$ 0
$ 25,000
Calculating your Benefits Amount ...
Disclaimer: The estimates are good in faith and accuracy is not guaranteed. We are not liable for any loss and damages caused by using the tools on our website. This calculator is here to assist you in evaluating what you might obtain if you are entitled to receive benefits. We make no promises that the sum you receive will be equal to what the calculator illustrates.

Know more about the Benefits Calculator

Things To Know After Filing An Application

There are various aspects to UI benefits that you must be aware of to make sure that you receive benefits without any problems. Also, information on aspects such as training and development will help you to find out about suitable training programs.

Overpayments and Fraud

Overpayments occur when you receive benefits that you are entitled to receive. This may occur for various reasons. However, the most common reason is when an appeal is reversed and you are required to pay back the excessive amount you received prior to the court judgment.

Benefits overpayment generally occurs on the UI benefits including any deductions like child support or taxes. In the event an overpayment occurs, the DWS will send you a letter highlighting the same. This letter will carry information on the amount overpayment, methods to repay and the manner in which you can file an appeal against the overpayment.

Some of the reasons why an overpayment may occur are:

  • Appeal on the determination of UI benefits falls through, and it is decided that your UI benefits must be lesser than what you received. In such a case, the excessive amount you received so far will be considered overpayment, and you are expected to repay it
  • You make a mistake in providing your data relating to wages received in the base period and have evidence to prove that the mistake committed is not intentional
  • An error committed by the DWS, the chances of which is very slim

Please note you have the right to file an appeal against the call of overpayment taken by the DWS. Remember to file an appeal in writing and to state the reasons very clearly as to why you think the decision is incorrect.

You may submit your appeal at, which is the most preferred form of appeal submission. You can also fax it to 801-526-9242, or send it through mail to the following address:
Appeals Unit, P.O. Box 45244,
Salt LakeCity,
UT 84145-0244.


The DWS will rule that you have committed fraud if you have willfully manipulated the data submitted to the DWS or withheld important information in order to get more benefits.

Some of the activities that are considered as fraud are:

  • Failing to report your earnings while filing for weekly benefits
  • Not providing the correct reason for separating from your last organization
  • Forging your weekly job search report
  • Allowing others to file for UI benefits on your behalf, and as a result, providing your PIN number to others
  • Making false claims regarding being available to work. In other words, falsely claiming that you were available to work when in reality you were not.
  • Providing false or misleading information about the wages received during the base period

If it is established that you indulged in fraudulent activities to receive more benefits, you will have to incur penalties and/or face jail time, which will be imposed in proportion to the nature of fraud.

Generally, the following penalties are imposed in case of fraud:

  • You will have to repay at least twice the amount of UI benefits that you received
  • The DWS may deny payments for up to 49 weeks and until the overpayment and the penalty amount is repaid
  • In case you fail to pay off your overpayments and penalty, the TWS may use methods like wage garnishments, tax interception, and liens to recover the arrears
  • The TWS may also file a case against you in a court of Law, and you may be prosecuted under federal and/or state law
  • You may face incarceration as a result of being prosecuted by the court
  • You may also be subject to court fines, community service, and probation

Benefits Extension

The state of Utah provides extended benefits only when the unemployment rate is high or there is an economic crisis. Visit DWS to know more about benefits extensions.

Job Training Assistance

The DWS provides ample programs to support those who are looking for job opportunities. It provides services that meet the various needs of the job-seekers and help them have a smooth transition from one job to another.

Below are some of the services provided by the DWS that are beneficial for job-seekers:

  • The DWS allows employers to post job requirements on its website to connect with the job-seekers. You can search for job-openings on at all times for free of cost
  • The DWS provides guidance on career planning, education, and training opportunities to job-seekers, which can be accessed on
  • The state of Utah provides opportunities for job-seekers to improve their skill set. Job-seekers can make use of free online services such as educational online courses, how-to guides, webinars, consular resources, and courses for industrial certification. You can find out more about the services offered by Utah by checking this website-
  • The DWS conducts free job search workshops to assist job-seekers to find suitable jobs. The workshops are conducted regularly and in order to know where and when the next workshop will be held, visit
  • The state also provides workforce service funding for two categories – Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and Trade Act Assistance (TAA). WIOA is provided as supportive and training service for dislocated but eligible adults who are 14-24 years old. The TAA is provided to those who have lost jobs due to foreign trade
  • The state also provides other training programs such as Federal Student Aid, Futures Through Training, Utah State Office of Rehabilitation, Utah Women and Education Initiative Resources. To know more about these programs, visit

Know more job training opportunities in UT

Questions & Answers

  1. Sir or Ma’am;
    I am furnishing the below information so I may have an answer to my last question and to clarify the date of my employment with Associated Foods: I initially input 3-20-20 which is incorrect, it should have been 05-04-2019.

    Secondly I was trying to find out what to do if I waited to file my claim on April 5th vs now as it would be a higher amount and four more weeks.

    If you could have someone follow-up and contact me I would greatly appreciate it.

    UI Claims Representative 8
    1:22:47 p.m.
    I’ll be happy to help you with that – may I have the phone number you listed on your claim, the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, and your Mother’s maiden name?

    1:23:27 p.m.
    435-233-7107, 7686 Carma Ray Brown

    UI Claims Representative 8
    1:23:41 p.m.
    One moment

    1:25:48 p.m.
    The processing time will take 2-4 weeks. We’ll call you if anything is needed.

    1:26:48 p.m.
    Please elaborate on what you are addressing?

    UI Claims Representative 8
    1:27:38 p.m.
    You have filed a claim, and it will take 2-4 weeks to process it. continue to look for work while the claim is being processed and click on file weekly claim. Everything is on your to do list.

    1:28:52 p.m.
    I want to wait to file on April 5th as I will receive a higher monetary amount, if I file now it will be a reduced amount

    UI Claims Representative 8
    1:30:18 p.m.
    do you want me to withdraw the claim now then?

    1:30:28 p.m.
    you will have to withdraw in order to refile

    1:32:12 p.m.
    If that iswhat I need to do in order ro receive the higher amount, also please check and see if Associated Foods would still be an issue based on the statement I initiated with this chat

    UI Claims Representative 8
    1:32:32 p.m.
    yes, they are

    1:32:46 p.m.

    UI Claims Representative 8
    1:34:25 p.m.
    I show that was the job that ended on 03-20-2020

    1:34:27 p.m.
    Agent has left the conversation

    1:34:27 p.m.
    You have been disconnected from the chat

    • We understand this might be a difficult time for you. We’re anticipating a shortage of staff across unemployment offices due to the massive surge in UI applications considering the pandemic. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response instantly.

      Your state may have activated “Extended Benefits (EB)” authorized by the federal government. We recommend you apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official Unemployment website.

    • JJ,

      If you think you’re eligible, please consider filing an appeal. You should find details pertaining to the “Adjudication” process on the official website.

    • You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  2. My daughter gave notice to her employer of over a year on 3/6/17, that she had accepted a new job offer and her last day with the company would be 3/14/17, they became upset that she was not giving a full 2 weeks notice, as she had vacation scheduled for the 15-17th, they told her that 3/6/17 was her last day. Are they obligated to pay her through her resignation? As she would have been collecting her pay up to the end of that time. If not is she eligible to collect unemployment? She has been a full time benefited employee 8-5 M-F.

    • I am not sure of the local labor laws when we talk about your daughter being paid during resignation.

      If she resigned voluntarily, she will not be able to draw UI benefits.

  3. Hello,
    My husband was fired from his job. He has a mental health condition and was under the care of a Dr. He had an acute episode, not showing up for several weeks and failing to apply for the offered short term disability (all unbeknownst to me). Currently he is at the UofU hospital. This is a spectacularly tragic affair, my husband did fail to go to work, but this was due to the extreme mental duress (who in their right mind refuses to sign up for the ofered short term disability?) As i look at the site, it seems that he might be able to make an appeal. Is this true? He is a good person, he has never claimed unemployment and this is the first time that he has had a mental health crisis. I am at a loss to figure out what to do next and appreciate any assistance you might give
    thank you

    • Generally, personal reasons such as health issues are not considered.

      Please call the Unemployment Office and speak to a rep to find out your options.

  4. My wife has gotten a new job in Washington state so I am relocating to be with her. Can I get unemployment benefits while I am trying to find a new job?

    • You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

    • It should be available on the official web portal of the Unemployment Office for a download during a specific period.

      You can call the Office for further details.

    • Well, to be eligible for benefits you need to have sufficient income in the last 4-5 calendar quarters (base period).

      Determine eligibility with the Eligibility Calculator.

  5. This was the response provided to my request to obtain unemployment benefits:

    You were discharged from your job for absenteeism or tardiness after you failed to call in or report to work as scheduled.
    You were discharged from your job for just cause. Your conduct was within your control and was adverse to your employer’s rightful interests. You had knowledge of your responsibilities to your employer or your employer’s expectations and you knew or should have known the possible adverse effects of your conduct on your employer.
    Benefits are denied under Section 35A-4-405(2)(a) of the Utah Employment Security Act beginning 09/25/2016 and ending when you have earned wages in bona fide covered employment equal to at least six times your weekly benefit amount and you are otherwise eligible. To reopen your claim, you can file online at, click on “Sign In” and “My Unemployment” or you can call the UI Claims Center. This reopening will be effective as of the week you reopen your claim. You will be notified separately of any other issues on your claim.

    ….What are my chances of appealing this decision to approved? Please advise.

  6. I worked for a company for 8 years. 3 years part-time and 5 years full-time. I brought attention to my supervisors of some questionable actives of a (family relative) employee. They were disregarded. One year later when they discovered this employee has stolen thousands of dollars and had drained the company of substantial funds, I was laid off, because of “lack of funds”. 1 month later I was offered 10 hours a week at an hourly wage. I was a salaried employee. I am also a relative of one of the owners, but not related to the one that embezzled. Can I draw unemployment?

    • You may explore the option of applying for partial unemployment benefits towards reduction in weekly hours.

  7. After 13 years of excellent work that I provided to a company, I was fired based on unsubstantiated claims from a co-worker. This co-worker has already gotten 3 other employees fired over the past 2-3 years. Am I eligible for unemployment benefits? I have never claimed them before over 30 years of working.

    • Well, your employer may contest when you apply. If you’re able to justify with documentary evidence in case of a dispute, please consider applying for UI benefits until you find a job.

  8. I work for a school district and I am out of work every summer. Do I qualify for any type of unemployment?

    • Seasonal workers are generally not eligible.

      Please inquire further with the Unemployment Office in your state.

  9. I am Self employed, but it is an oil company, and our revenues have declined 80% over the last 1.5 years. I can no longer live off of this, but haven’t found a job yet

    • Self employed people do not qualify for Unemployment Insurance.

      Please check further with the Labor Authorities in your state.

  10. I do construction and it’s really slow this time of year. How do I file for partial unemployment. I found it once. It’s hard to find on the website. I called to find out and they just told me that I can do it all from the website. Didn’t tell me how.

  11. My son was forced to quit his job, he was told he was going to be fired but if he quit on his own they would give him a job recommendation. It was his first real job and he had it for 3 years. Does he qualify for unemployment? He has been unable to find a job and it’s been over a month.

  12. I am currently employed with a Company that is based in a another state and I am also from another State and the job is about to end and the company I am working for has no further employment opportunities for me.
    They have taken all the proper deductions out of my checks and I was wandering how to go about filing for unemployment benefits if my employer and myself are both from out of State. They took Fed and Utah State Income taxes along with S>S and medicare So do I file in Utah or what are my options? Thank You for your time and consideration

  13. I was inquiring about if military spouse are eligible to receive unemployement benefits? My husband is being stationed in Virgina in July. If I am able to receive unemployement benefits when should I file a claim? Should I fill a claim once we move to Virginia or a few days before we move out of state.

  14. Do I still need to apply at different jobs when I have been offered employment and am taking the job? But the job doesn’t start for a few weeks?

  15. I am currently employed and have been applying for jobs consistently for the past six months. I feel I am in an unethical work environment in which I am unfairly treated and am consistently asked to do more than others. I need to know what I specifically need to provide to learn if I am eligible for unemployment insurance.
    Thank you.
    Diane Mark

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