Utah Unemployment Application

How to apply for Utah unemployment benefits

Apply Online

Salt Lake County and South Davis County: (801) 526-4400
Weber County and North Davis County: (801) 612-0877
Utah County: (801) 375-4067
Remainder of State and Out of State: 1-888-848-0688

Visit a Utah Unemployment Center

Apply online

To file an initial claim for Utah Unemployment Insurance benefits, claimants must apply online at https://jobs.utah.gov/ui/home/initialclaims.

Information needed to file for benefits

Before you submit an application for Utah UI benefits, you’ll want to gather the following information:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • All employers’ names as stated on your pay stub and the dates of employment
  • The name and local number of your union hall (if applicable)
  • Your state driver’s license or identification card number
  • Your alien registration number (if you are not a U.S. citizen but authorized to work in the United States)
  • If you have worked outside Utah in the past two years, you will need to provide the mailing address and phone number for each employer.

How to create a UtahID account

To create an account to file for unemployment benefits, visit jobs.utah.gov and click “Sign in” in the upper right-hand corner. Then, select “my Unemployment” and “Login.” You’ll be taken to a webpage where you can create a UtahID.

Follow the instructions to create your UtahID and activate your account. After activating your account, you’ll be redirected back to continue filing your unemployment claim.

This login will be used for all interactions with the Utah Department of Workforce Services.

Unemployment application sections

This application consists of six sections. Once you complete each section, you won’t be able to go back and make changes, so be sure to double check each section for accuracy before moving forward.

The sections are as follows:

  1. Initial Steps: This section contains identity verification questions and queries to determine your eligibility.
  2. Personal Information: In this section, you will provide your address, contact information, and optional demographic details.
  3. Employment Information: You will furnish your employment history for the past 18 months, including separation information.
  4. Eligibility Questions: This section covers information about your availability to work.
  5. Statements: This section asks for information surrounding the recent separation from your employer
  6. Finalize Your Claim: This section ensures your claim remains active and includes important instructions. It is strongly advised you review this information carefully.

Be aware, when you file for unemployment benefits, you authorize your employer(s) to provide the Utah Unemployment Insurance Division with all relevant information needed to determine your eligibility, including confidential information. Under Utah law, employers are obligated to report all wages that fall under the Utah Employment Security Act, as well as the cause of your unemployment.

Verifying your identity for Utah unemployment benefits

As part of the identity verification process, you will be presented with questions based on public records.

If you fail to verify your identity through this process, you will need to submit two forms of government ID, such as a Social Security card, current driver’s license, state ID, or passport. You will need to fax a copy to (801)526-4402 or mail a copy to:

Workforce Services
P.O. Box 45266
Salt Lake City, Utah 84145

Benefits cannot be paid until your identity is verified, so you will want to confirm your identity as soon as possible.

What to do after submitting an initial application for Utah Unemployment Insurance

After filing an initial application for benefits, you will need to file a weekly claim to maintain eligibility. Claimants will need to contact at least four full-time employers each week and report any wage they received.

It is highly recommended that you keep track of this information using the Job Search Record and Earnings Record provided by the Utah Department of Workforce Services. Failure to accurately file a weekly claim could result in a denial of benefits.

How to register for work

After you’ve submitted your initial application for unemployment benefits, you’ll need to fill out the work registration form for job placement assistance from the Utah Department of Workforce Services.

You can register online by logging into your jobs.utah.gov account and selecting “My Unemployment” and then “Register for Work.” Alternatively, you can register at the Employment Center nearest to you.

Every time you file a new claim or reopen an existing claim, you will need to update your work registration information.

If you move or reside in a state other than Utah, you must register with your local State Employment Center and provide proof of registration to the Utah Department of Workforce Services.

Failure to register within 10 business days after applying for benefits may lead to a denial.

Why would a UI application be denied?

There are many reasons your application for unemployment benefits may be denied. A few common ones include:

  • You voluntarily quit your job or were terminated by your employer
  • You are unemployed due to a labor strike
  • You are not capable or available for full-time work and actively seeking employment
  • You decline or do not apply for suitable job opportunities
  • Your earnings exceed or equal your weekly benefit amount, which includes wages, vacation, holiday, or separation pay
  • You are self-employed or working on a commission basis.

What happens if my unemployment application is denied?

If your application for unemployment benefits is denied and you believe it was in error, you have the right to appeal the decision by requesting a hearing before an administrative law judge.

When will I start receiving UI benefits?

Utah law states that the first eligible week of unemployment benefits is known as the “waiting week.” No unemployment compensation is paid during the waiting week, but you still must file your weekly unemployment claim and meet all eligibility requirements to receive credit.

Once you meet the eligibility requirements, you should receive your first payment about three weeks after you apply for benefits. If you have not received payment or a disqualification letter after you have filed weekly claims for four weeks, you will need to call the Claims Center.

  1. In quarter one I was unemployed. In quarter two I resigned. in quarter three I got a new job (worked two weeks during the third quarter). In quarter four and five I have been employed. I know I qualify based on earnings. My question is am I eligible for benefits because I resigned from the previous employer during the second quarter?

    • Lauri,

      If you voluntarily resigned from your last job, you might not qualify to receive UI compensation since benefits are only extended to claimants who’ve lost the job due to involuntary reasons.

  2. I was working up at Stein Erikson’s resort in park city Utah. Was living in employee housing signed contract saying I would be out by first week in nov due to all the j 1s coming in from out the country I could not find a place next to impossible. On nov 20th they left a letter saying I was terminated for insubordination for not leavening employee housing the temperature’s outside were in the teens. I had to come home to California so I would not freeze to death. Michael Davies very confused THANK YOU VERY MUCH

    • If you were fired without any justification, you can qualify for unemployment benefits.

      Be ready to provide supporting documentation in case of a dispute.

  3. Where is the link to just file a weekly claim? This site has a lot of info but I cannot for the life of me find the link to just file my weekly claim. All kinds of info and pamphlets but not link to just file? Not user friendly, very frustrated.

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