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Utah Unemployment Benefit Questions

Will a part time job affect my benefit amount?

Any income you earn during a particular week must be reported while filing the claim for that week. As per the rules, an income of up to 30% of the benefit amount will does not affect your benefit amount. This means that you will receive your full benefit amount if your earned an amount that is less than or equal to 30% of your WBR.

However, if you earn an amount that is equal to or greater than your allotted Weekly Benefit Amount you may not receive any benefits that week.

When can I expect to receive my first payment?

It can take up to four weeks to resolve any open issues and determine your eligibility. You will receive notification or payment once those issues have been resolved. The first eligible week of your claim is a non-payable waiting week.

If you have a current claim with issues, click here to login and view the status of the issue(s). Choose “Issues Preventing Payment”.

Are Unemployment Benefit Amounts subject to taxes?

Yes. Benefit amounts earned in connection with unemployment insurance are subject to Utah state taxes and Federal taxes. You do have the option to withhold taxes from your benefit amounts – 10% for Federal taxes and 5% for Utah state income taxes.

What happens if information is not reported accurately?

Failure to report information accurately can cause overpayment of benefits. Knowingly or carelessly misreporting any information, including earnings, constitutes fraud. If you commit fraud, you will be subject to repayment of benefits up to twice the overpayment amount, disqualification, severe fines, and possible prosecution.

What should a claimant do when he lands a full time job?

Simple. Stop filing weekly claims. The moment you stop filing for weekly claims, you will be discontinued from weekly benefits. If you don’t stop filing for claims even after you secure a job, you may end up being overpaid. It is an offence to file for benefits even after you get a job, this could land you in trouble. Avoid doing this at all costs. Stop filing for weekly benefits as soon as you get a job.

Note: You must reopen your claim in order to receive benefits if your claim is closed.

  1. if i claimed for the last four weeks an i do meet all the requirements will i be paid for all four weeks?

    • Hi, Dave – Utah unemployment law stipulates that you will not be paid for your first eligible week, so in your case you would be eligible to receive payment for three qualified weeks.

    • Stephen,

      If you filed online, the payment is made immediately (3-4 days). Please call the Claims Center for specific details on your claim.

  2. I cannot get my employment dates from a company I worked for. I think they might be out of business. I only worked there a week but not sure on dates for my application. What should I do?

    • Hope you’ve been employed before this. The claimant is required to have sufficient employment in the last 4-5 calendar quarters.

  3. If I was on unemployment for two months, got a job for one month and laid off again will I still have another waiting week when opening another claim?

    • I did not quite understand your question.

      Please elaborate or call the Unemployment Office for precise information.

    • Temp and seasonal jobs do not generally qualify.

      Please call the Labor authorities in your state and apply accordingly.

  4. I work for a convinence store, the owner is selling it and I suspect that when it is sold.. I may not have a job. he is not firing me, but I don’t know if the new owner will hire me for the same position or salary. if not.. can I collect unemployment

  5. our company was sold and the new office is 86 miles from my home. the new company says they will not be laying anyone off. can I collect unemployment if I can’t make this drive, especially since my job has been part-time?

    • Part time jobs are generally not eligible.

      Please call the claims center/customer service of the labor dept. in your state for further information.

  6. If I was fired for doing something that I didn’t know it was a company policy I didn’t sign no papers about it or anything,can I draw unemployment

    • Drawing social security will be a hindrance when you file for UI benefits.Some states allow multiple benefits while some don’t.Please contact the Utah claims center and speak to a representative for advice in this regard.

    • In some states you may and some states treat seasonal employment differently. You could check the website for Utah Unemployment.

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