Utah Unemployment Eligibility

In general, unemployment insurance benefits are paid to eligible workers who meet the following requirements.

Non Monetary Eligibility

  • Unemployed through no fault of your own
  • Are able and available to work full-time
  • Are actively seeking full-time work
  • Have registered for job placement assistance with the Department of Workforce Services and also at the Employment Center closest to you.
  • Have quit or get fired for “a good cause”

Monetary Eligibility

Following are the criteria you must meet to qualify monetarily for the Utah UC

  • A claimant must have earned at least $3,700 during the base period. Also, a claimant’s wages must be at least 1 ½ times the highest quarter of wages during the base period
  • If a claimant does not have 1 ½ times the high quarter wages in the base period, he/she may still qualify by using Alternate Base Period, which is the most recently completed 4 calendar quarters

Normally, you will receive a “Notice of Monetary Determination” within three weeks from the date you file your claim for unemployment benefits. This notice includes the wages reported by your base period employer(s), your weekly benefit amount and number of weeks of unemployment benefits you may receive if you meet all eligibility requirements.

Eligibility Questions

Can I collect unemployment if I get fired in Utah?

Regardless of how you left your job, you can always file for unemployment benefits. Whether you’ll get those benefits is another story. Unemployment benefits are designed to help those who lost their jobs through reasons beyond their own control. Generally, fired employees can only get unemployment benefits if they can prove your termination was wrongful or against labor laws. In many cases, you’ll have to prove your case during a claims investigation or appeals process.

Can I draw unemployment if I am laid off?

To collect unemployment benefits, it can’t be your fault that you’re out of work. If you were laid off because the company wanted to save money or eliminate positions, you should be eligible for benefits.

When you get laid-off, it is not your fault. Getting laid-off doesn’t mean that you were fired or you did something wrong. It simply means that the company in which you worked doesn’t have enough work and could no longer afford to pay you for the job.

Once you get laid-off from your job, you should immediately apply for unemployment benefits.

What happens to my unemployment if I quit voluntarily?

A separation is considered voluntary if the claimant was the moving party in ending the employment relationship.  A voluntary separation includes leaving existing work, or failing to return to work after:

a)     an employer attached layoff which meets the requirements for a deferral

b)     a suspension, or

c)      a period of absence initiated by the claimant.

Failing to renew an employment contract may also constitute a voluntary separation.

Two standards must be applied in voluntary separation cases: good cause and equity and good conscience.  If good cause is not established, the claimant’s eligibility must be considered under the equity and good conscience standard.

Some of the examples of reasons for quitting are:

  1. Reduction of Hours
  2. Leaving to Attend School
  3. Religious Beliefs
  4. Health or Physical Condition
  5. Discrimination

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Can a claimant attend school or training while on UC?

In general, attending school or training is a direct conflict to one of the primary eligibility rules for UC. As per the rules, a claimant must be available and ready for full time work. This gets negated if you start attending school or training. Evening class are an exception to this.

However, if the department decides that the schedules for your school or training sessions do not interfere with your availability or readiness for work, you may be allowed to attend school. In some cases, the department will itself recommend that you attend training to enhance your skills. In such cases, claimants can attend training or school.

If I move to another state, will it affect my eligibility to continue collecting unemployment insurance in Utah?

You can continue to file against Utah, as long as you continue to meet the eligibility requirements.

  1. You must change your address/phone number immediately by logging in at jobs.utah.gov/ui/continuedclaims and selecting “This is you and the above information is NOT correct”. Or you can contact the Unemployment Insurance Claims Center. Payments may be delayed if you do not report your current address.
  2. You must register for work in that state within three business days so that state may assist you in your work search.
  3. You will still be required to keep an accurate record of all employer contacts and the information can be requested at any time.
  4. You are required to notify the Claims Center if you travel or move to a location outside the United States.

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  1. I quit my job with two months notice on February 1st. 2020 to prepare my home for sale, then find a job more locally so my wife and I could move in with my mom (78yr old widow)who is suffering from dementia. I’m an industrial electrician and have always been able to obtain employment quickly. In the beginning of January 2020 I caught covid, but didn’t know what it was. It had not hit the news yet. Over it in mid January and went back to work for two weeks before I was going to quit. Because of the hysteria I decided not to make the visit with my mom to tell her the news for another month. Well things went horribly wrong with my plan of moving in with her. She was adamant that she was fine and didn’t need any help. I didn’t know what to do. I tried to get unemployment and was denied. Figured, no biggie I’ll just get another job close to home and deal with my mom as things progress. Well, a couple more months went by with no job offers, thanks to the covid confusion, so I decided to file an appeal on my unemployment judgement. I explained everything as best as I could to the judge and was denied again for failing to appeal within the allotted amount of time. Why would I be treated as if I had done anything wrong? I was sure my case had plenty of merit to be considered in good conscience. I’m still struggling to straighten out all the problems that came from this lack of compassion. I couldn’t control the way my mom did react and the pandemic and the fact that the economy was in a tailspin. Of all the people who didn’t deserve the benefit help, i got slapped

    1. John,

      I can understand your situation. Unfortunately, the law does not consider personal reasons for losing employment. UI benefits are only offered to claimants who loses employment due to involuntary reasons.

  2. I quit my previous job for more income in January 28 th started my new job on February 3 was let go March 21st. My net income during that time was 6280.00 from the employee that let me go. I got a response of pending denial cause I quit my job in January for this higher paying job. I met the criteria on earnings during this time. I’m confused and upset especially during this time.

  3. What if I havent had steady employment for the last 15 months and I get laid off due to the corona virus? Am I eligible for unemployment?

    1. Jason,

      We understand this might be a difficult time for you. We’re anticipating a shortage of staff across unemployment offices due to the massive surge in UI applications considering the pandemic. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response instantly.

      Your state may have activated “Extended Benefits (EB)” authorized by the federal government. We recommend you apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official Unemployment website.

  4. If my business is temporarily shutdown by the government as a result of the Coronavirus, are my employees able to apply for unemployment with the State of Utah? Is there any requirement that I continue to pay my employees during the shutdown?

    1. Negin,

      Nearly all states have activated emergency funds in the backdrop of the COVID-19 situation. Please reach out to the Unemployment Office for more.

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