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Utah Unemployment Eligibility

In general, unemployment insurance benefits are paid to eligible workers who meet the following requirements.

Non Monetary Eligibility

  • Unemployed through no fault of your own
  • Are able and available to work full-time
  • Are actively seeking full-time work
  • Have registered for job placement assistance with the Department of Workforce Services and also at the Employment Center closest to you.
  • Have quit or get fired for “a good cause”

Monetary Eligibility

Following are the criteria you must meet to qualify monetarily for the Utah UC

  • A claimant must have earned at least $3,300 during the base period. Also, a claimant’s wages must be at least 1 ½ times the highest quarter of wages during the base period
  • If a claimant does not have 1 ½ times the high quarter wages in the base period, he/she may still qualify by using Alternate Base Period, which is the most recently completed 4 calendar quarters

Normally, you will receive a “Notice of Monetary Determination” within three weeks from the date you file your claim for unemployment benefits. This notice includes the wages reported by your base period employer(s), your weekly benefit amount and number of weeks of unemployment benefits you may receive if you meet all eligibility requirements.

Eligibility Questions

Can I collect unemployment if I get fired in Utah?

Regardless of how you left your job, you can always file for unemployment benefits. Whether you’ll get those benefits is another story. Unemployment benefits are designed to help those who lost their jobs through reasons beyond their own control. Generally, fired employees can only get unemployment benefits if they can prove your termination was wrongful or against labor laws. In many cases, you’ll have to prove your case during a claims investigation or appeals process.

Can I draw unemployment if I am laid off?

To collect unemployment benefits, it can’t be your fault that you’re out of work. If you were laid off because the company wanted to save money or eliminate positions, you should be eligible for benefits.

When you get laid-off, it is not your fault. Getting laid-off doesn’t mean that you were fired or you did something wrong. It simply means that the company in which you worked doesn’t have enough work and could no longer afford to pay you for the job.

Once you get laid-off from your job, you should immediately apply for unemployment benefits.

What happens to my unemployment if I quit voluntarily?

A separation is considered voluntary if the claimant was the moving party in ending the employment relationship.  A voluntary separation includes leaving existing work, or failing to return to work after:

a)     an employer attached layoff which meets the requirements for a deferral

b)     a suspension, or

c)      a period of absence initiated by the claimant.

Failing to renew an employment contract may also constitute a voluntary separation.

Two standards must be applied in voluntary separation cases: good cause and equity and good conscience.  If good cause is not established, the claimant’s eligibility must be considered under the equity and good conscience standard.

Some of the examples of reasons for quitting are:

  1. Reduction of Hours
  2. Leaving to Attend School
  3. Religious Beliefs
  4. Health or Physical Condition
  5. Discrimination

For more information click here.

Can a claimant attend school or training while on UC?

In general, attending school or training is a direct conflict to one of the primary eligibility rules for UC. As per the rules, a claimant must be available and ready for full time work. This gets negated if you start attending school or training. Evening class are an exception to this.

However, if the department decides that the schedules for your school or training sessions do not interfere with your availability or readiness for work, you may be allowed to attend school. In some cases, the department will itself recommend that you attend training to enhance your skills. In such cases, claimants can attend training or school.

If I move to another state, will it affect my eligibility to continue collecting unemployment insurance in Utah?

You can continue to file against Utah, as long as you continue to meet the eligibility requirements.

  1. You must change your address/phone number immediately by logging in at and selecting “This is you and the above information is NOT correct”. Or you can contact the Unemployment Insurance Claims Center. Payments may be delayed if you do not report your current address.
  2. You must register for work in that state within three business days so that state may assist you in your work search.
  3. You will still be required to keep an accurate record of all employer contacts and the information can be requested at any time.
  4. You are required to notify the Claims Center if you travel or move to a location outside the United States.

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Questions & Answers

  1. Pay reduction says:

    I have been with my employer for nearly seven years. The company is being sold with new ownership coming in. I have been asked to stay in my position as manager. My current boss feels like the new owners may cut my wages. Do you think I would qualify for UI if I leave my position?

    • Sam says:

      I am not sure if you can claim on these grounds. Please call the Unemployment Office before making a decision on your employment.

  2. sharati ranjit says:

    I had worked for a company in a contract for 4 months.And right now I have been trying to get a full-time job since last 2 and half months.
    and before that, I was a full-time employee in one of the company for 2 years and 2 months. So, am I eligible to apply for unemployment benefits in Utah?
    will you please email me or can you give the number so that I can ask these questions?

    • Sam says:


      Contract workers are generally not eligible to receive UI benefits since employers do not remit related taxes into the system. You may call the Unemployment Office in your state to get precise answers to all your questions.

  3. Deb says:

    Our company is merging with another Company and I was told they will not need me, I will be getting a severance package but it is only for a few weeks. Can I get Unemployment when I leave?

  4. amy says:

    I quit my very stressful job because I never got a lunch or any breaks. I didn’t submit my own time, my boss did (I was hourly). I worked 9 hours every day and got paid for 8 because she didn’t want to get in trouble for me working overtime. On top of that I was required to bring home a company cell phone and was required to answer it and only got paid for the time I was on it (2-3 minutes a call). No consideration of the fact that I was always “on call”. I didn’t have any time off. Can I receive unemployment benefits?

    • Sam says:


      If you’re able to prove your stance with documentary evidence about a stressed work environment, you can be eligible.

  5. Ratchel Cole says:

    I started my job last Dec . Now it’s end of August . I was doing scheduling and appointments and marketing from home and was paid a set amount every two weeks. They never had me sign any papers or had my social . They set me up a company email. Suddenly they said it was slow and let me go. Am I eligible for unemployment?

    • Sam says:

      If you feel it was not an issue related to performance, you can be eligible.

      Please make sure to keep supporting documents handy in case of a dispute.

  6. SC says:

    I’m moving to Guam next year due to a military PCS (mil spouse). Would anyone be able to tell me when I should apply for UI benefits? Also is there a written rule on when I’d be able to leave to prepare for the move? An example is that SC requires you to work until 15days prior to the PCS to qualify for benefits. Thanks.

    • Sam says:

      You can be eligible to apply for UI benefits as a military spouse. Since each state has specific rules in this regard, please call the Unemployment Office to get precise answers to your questions.

  7. Austin says:

    I currently work as a teacher at a charter school. The teaching contract is per year and I was informed that I was not asked to return to teach in August. Contractually I will receive my salary through the end of August. This was not an immediate job loss, just asked not to return the next school year. There are other teachers in this situation as well. Will I qualify for unemployment benefit? How do I know if my school has paid into the unemployment tax? If I am qualified for unemployment, when should I apply since I will still be receiving a salary through the end of August?

    • Sam says:

      As you said, you will only qualify if your employer has paid Unemployment Taxes. You can find out by talking to someone from the HR department in your school.

  8. Saydee says:

    I have been with a company for 8 months now. I’m due to have a baby at the end of this month they are requiring me to put in my 2 week LOR because I’m not eligible for maternity leave due to the state law. I’m curious if I have to put in my 2 weeks notice due to these circumstances is there anyway I’m eligible for unemployment?

    • Sam says:

      Unfortunately, you will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  9. Sally says:

    How long does an employee have to work with a company for the company to be responsible for unemployment? Is there a time(days) requirement?

    • Sam says:

      I am not really sure if such a condition exists. Please contact the Unemployment Office since this can be state specific.

  10. JG says:

    One of our employees quit to go and work at another place. He left and worked for the other place for a month and a half. Then the other place fired him. We just got a notice that he has applied for unemployment and that we are responsible for $13,000 in unemployment insurance payments. Are we liable for this? He quit and went to work immediately for the other job and then was fired by them. Would the entity that fired him be responsible for the unemployment insurance payments?

    • Sam says:

      Ideally, his previous employer should be paying. I am not sure how the onus falls on your company.

      Please call the office on the phone numbers provided for further details.

  11. courtney says:

    My husband works for a contractor for fed ex. He called in sick for the first time in the 3yrs he has been with them. Ever since then he hasnt worked for going on 2weeks. He keeps calling him off due to a couple trucks being broke down. They keep telling him they will get him some work tomorrow and hasnt called him to update him. We think they are trying to get him to quite so they dont have to provide unemployment. Would he quality for unemployment even if he hasnt technically quit or got fired?

    • Sam says:

      He will not be eligible unless he is technically separated from the job.

      Please call the Unemployment Office to inquire further.

  12. Meredith says:

    I’m a 1099 “independent contractor” working for only one company and farmed out to their client. I am paid an hourly wage. Work is supplied and directed by them, travel to clients paid for by them, but work offsite and had to buy my own computer, would I be eligible for UI if I got laid off?

    • Sam says:

      Contractors are generally not eligible to claim UI benefits since employers’ do not remit relevant taxes.

      Please check with your employer/contact the Unemployment Office in your state.

  13. Shinjo says:

    I have a question about unemployment. What if someone on unemployment took a job, however after starting learned that the responsibilities and duties are dramatically different than what was explained in the interview? If the individual quits due to being mislead, could they continue to file for unemployment until they find suitable work?

    • Sam says:

      This is a tricky situation. If you leave voluntarily, you will not be eligible.

      Please call the Unemployment Office to confirm before deciding.

  14. Jonas says:

    Hello. My employer has failed to make payroll by over a week for the second time in two months. I have not been fired but at some point I cannot continue to wait and see if I get paid. Currently I am on business day 7 past when payroll should have processed. At what point am I considered to be unemployed for non-payment of agreed wages on agreed schedule?

    • Martin says:

      You will only be considered “Unemployed” if you’re officially separated from the job with proof.

      Some states do let you apply for UI benefits under such circumstances. Please call the Unemployment Office.

      • Jonas says:

        “You will only be considered “Unemployed” if you’re officially separated from the job with proof.”

        Thanks for the feedback Martin.
        So it sounds like perhaps my employer is sneakily trying to get us to just go away without UI benefits by not officially firing us. I don’t know his intent but if he can do that and get away with it then something is wrong with the system fundamentally.

        • Martin says:

          Perhaps, you can speak to the representatives from the Unemployment Office and see what they say.

          Best Wishes!

  15. Scaroll says:

    Are military spouses eligible for Unemployment benefits due to a PCS? Also what are the guidelines if you are PSCing overseas?

    • Martin says:

      Yes, they are. Each state has specific rules in this regard. You may call the Unemployment Office in your state for further details.

  16. Jim says:

    I am over 60 and have recently been laid off due to my section being shut down. I have worked for the company for 28 years. I have a High school diploma and work experience. I would like to go back to school to get my certification in my job field to better my chance of a higher paying job. Can I still collect unemployment while going to school? Is there specific schools I would have to apply to? I wouldn’t be able to go to school and work.

    • Martin says:

      If you leave your job to get back to school, you may not be eligible to claim Unemployment Compensation. Having said this, there are certain listed courses and still draw UI benefits. For further details, explore the official website of the Unemployment Office or call them.

  17. scott says:

    my employer is writing me up fir not hitting my sales quota. I am trying but I’m probably going to be short again this month. Can I get unemployment benefits if they end up firing me for missing quota again?

    • Martin says:

      UI benefits are only extended to those who lose their job due to involuntary reasons. Performance is considered voluntary and therefore, you will not qualify.

  18. charles steffen says:

    I will be laid off because my company lost a big contract. I have only worked there 6 months. am I eligible for unemployment?

    • Martin says:

      In order to be eligible to claim UI benefits, you should have considerable employment in the last 4-5 calendar quarters. Losing your last job involuntarily is fine as long as eligibility is concerned.

      Please use the ‘Benefits Calculator’ on this website to determine eligibility.

  19. Steve says:

    I have been at my current job now for a year and a half as a salaried employee. When I was hired I was told I would have an assistant to help me with daily job tasks but after two months I notified my employer that the individual was not qualified or capable to do the job so I would require an assistant with experience of some sort. I was notified that they would do what they could to help me. Since then he has also remained on salary but only having to work 40 to 45 hours a week whereas I have been working as little as 60 and as much as 70 per week. I have had to be put on blood pressure medication and my dosage increased once in 2 months. I have been trying to find a differnt job for almost 2 months with no luck as I live in a small town with only seasonal work 3 months ago he hired an individual to be my assistant yet he has absolutely no experience in this field whatsoever and it just so happens that it is my employers brother. Now I am not only required to do my job as I was before but now I am having to train this individual which adds an even heavier workload. to do the job requires me to work between 12 to 15 hours a day and come in for 3 hrs of meetings on my day off. I feel as if I am trapped and don’t know what to do.

    • Martin says:


      I can understand your frustration. You can be eligible to claim UI benefits under “Hostile” working conditions. Please call the Unemployment Office in your state and seek further help in this regard.

  20. Sarah says:

    I work at a company that is a government contract and I am a contracted employee. Would I qualify for unemployment if I am laid off?

    • Martin says:

      Contracted employees do not generally qualify for UI benefits .

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for further clarification.

  21. Lindsie says:

    I work for a daycare, the director and ceo have been threatening to not cut our checks if we don’t do what they want without complaints. It’s a hostile work environment and has been causing me severe anxiety just to be there… if I was to quit would I be able to qualify for unemployment?

  22. John says:

    I have been collecting unemployment for a month and a half. Since then, I have started my own consulting. I got a client but our kick off meeting is two weeks away. I have started doing some work to prep for this kick off. Can I continue to collect unemployment until the kick off?

  23. Roger says:

    I work for a high school as an independent contractor doing security this is my last week am I elegable for unemployment during the summer break even if I have a call back date?

    • Martin says:

      Well, contracted workers and seasons jobs are both not eligible.

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for further information.

  24. Mercy says:

    I’ve worked for a retail store for 9 yrs but transfer last year to Utah and I worked for a year with them full time and I am now getting my hours cut down to 30 a week if I voluntary quit for this reason to look for a ft job can I receive unemployment ?

    • Martin says:

      Well, if you voluntarily quit, you will not be eligible. Instead, apply for partial unemployment benefits to cover up for the hours cut.

  25. kevin says:

    I had to undergo heart surgery and ran out of fmla, so I lost my job. I am now able to work full time but with limited physical activities. my last job of 20 years said they would hire me back but unfortunately I cant because it was mostly physical and I will have to do desk work or something like that now, but I have no experience. Will I be denied unemployment because of not being able to seek the work I am trained in? I am going back to tech school to finish up a IT class I am more then halfway done with and it will not interfere with my job looking or taking on a job, since I can switch to evening if I have to.

    • Martin says:

      You will only be denied if you do not make the required job searches. Does not have to be in your domain I guess.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for further information.

  26. Shannon says:

    My husband and I both work full time day jobs and have 2 children under the age of 10. He put in a request to work on the night shift so we have someone to watch our children during summer break but they have denied it because there are no longer any open positions for that shift (he works with a staffing agency through them so he got last pick). We make too much to qualify for childcare assistance but don’t have enough after bills to pay for daycare/nanny. One of us will have to quit and find an alternate job because there is no one to watch our children. My husband has been looking and applying for other ones but is struggling because they refuse to hire him due to his military schooling credits not providing him with an actual degree/paper. If/when he quits, will he qualify for unemployment or is it a case by case basis? (State of UT).

    • Martin says:

      Your husband will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

      Unfortunately personal reasons such as yours are not considered.

  27. Ryan says:

    I am a federal employee in TN, live and work…. In the past few years I have filed in Utah, this was the last state I worked for a non-Fed employer. Last time I worked for the State of Utah was June 2013. I called today and was told I am NOT eligible b/c I hadn’t worked in Utah for the last 18 months. The last time I filed in Nov 2014, I was told I was eligble for Utah unemployment until my benefit $$ ran out. Thoughts?

    • Martin says:

      If you do not have the required amount of employment or if your benefits from Utah has exhausted, you will not qualify.

      To be eligible, one needs to have the required duration of employment in the preceding months.

  28. Makayla says:

    I have worked for a school since August 2015. Coming to the summer the school will close for the summer. I was a paraprofessional (Teacher’s Aid). I was curious to know if I would qualify since I won’t be working during the summer since the school is out for the summer.

  29. Maura Hatch says:

    If I didn’t qualify for FMLA and my employer termed me due to a medical leave can I apply for benefits when I’m released to work.

    • Martin says:

      Medical issues are generally not considered. You may not qualify.

      Please call the claims center/customer service of the labor dept. in your state for further information.

  30. Joe Tate says:

    Can an employee file for unemployment if they have only worked for a company for a couple of week?

    If they are granted unemployment will it impact the current employer or can it impact former employers?


  31. Nikki says:

    My employer is changing the time I am required to be to work. It is in conflict with commitments I already have in place. Am I eligible for Unemployment Compensation?

  32. Bob says:

    I am working for a dental office that wants me to quit so they have cut down my hours. I had a stable job till about mid October of last year then I quit and I started working another job a month later but I quit that one as well. I started at this dental office in November and now they want me to quit. Could I file for unemployment?

    • Martin says:

      If you’re laid off due to no fault of your own and your employer pays the relevant taxes on your behalf, you can qualify.

  33. Emmanuel T says:

    What if your transportation situation changed abrubtly and you had to resign from your job? but you did make enough to be eligible? is that “good cause”? because it could be argued that one could have taken public transit, but what if your job required tools ( nail gun, hoses, Air compressor etc)?

    • Martin says:

      Depends on how your state sees it. If you’ve not made enough during the base period, you may not qualify.

      Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state.

  34. Kate says:

    I feel very used at my job and it seems that I am required to do things others are not required to do. I want to look for another job but the hours I work not all over the place without consistency (once again, mine is the only schedule like this within the organization.) I feel like just because I am the only single, unattached (no kids, no regulations), employee that my boundaries and requests are excused and unacceptable. If I quit to find better employment (or perhaps go back to school) would I be able to get unemployment?

  35. Merlynn says:

    If the farm that I work for is sold, and the new owners bring in their own farmhands, therefore eliminating my job, however the owners that sold the farm give a small handout “severance package” to it’s employees am I eligible to collect unemployment? Also, one of the workers has a second job to make ends meet. Does that make him ineligible?

    • Martin says:

      You can apply once the severance pay period is over. If the second job is temp one with part time income, it must be declared during the application process.

  36. Frank says:

    Filed sexually harassment and they all tell me that is how she is. She then she tells me she will put pill in my locker and drugs in my car to get me fired. The bosses still laugh it off what can I do?

    • Martin says:

      Please contact the law enforcement authorities for further guidance. If you quit the job owing to this, you can be eligible to receive unemployment benefits.

  37. marie says:

    i go to school and my position is being eliminated in which they have no other place for me to go. i can work full time night and afternoon shift can i get unemployement

  38. Gwen says:

    I work for a school district 18 hrs a week from the first week of September to the first week of June. Do I qualify for unemployment during the summer months?

    • Martin says:

      Seasonal jobs do not qualify as they are designed that way.

      Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state.

  39. Sally says:

    If my employer moves to another town which makes my drive to get there over 45 miles and will make my travel time 3 1/2 hours (double what it is now) each day and I quit due to this, am I able to collect unemployment?

    • Jeff says:

      Personal reasons are not considered.

      Unemployment insurance is only available for those are lose their job due to involuntary reasons such as lay off.

  40. Gary W. Beckstead says:

    my employer is threatening to cut my salary substantially. He is trying to get me to quit so that he will not have to pay me unemployment mbenefits. If I do quit, will I be able to collect unemployment benefits?

  41. Jonathan says:

    I am separating from the military in California where i have been for 5 years and moving to Utah upon separation. How can i file for unemployment in Utah?

  42. Scott Lawson says:

    if I leave work for heart problem will
    I be turn down for unemployment
    asked owner for part time or lite duty he said
    no he didn’t trust the other employee
    to show up when he needed them
    I put in for ssdi haven’t heard back
    from them

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