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Utah Unemployment Weekly Claims

You must file weekly claims to receive benefits. To file a weekly claim, you will need your Social Security Number and your Personal Identification Number (PIN). The unemployment claim week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday at midnight. It is advised to file your claim on Sunday or as soon as possible after the Saturday week-ending date. You can file your weekly claim online. Select “Unemployment Benefits”, and then choose “File Weekly Claim.”

You will be asked for your PIN each time you use the system. Your PIN is the four-digit number you selected when you established your claim.

Each week you must answer questions to determine your eligibility for benefits. Failure to file a weekly claim in a timely manner could result in a denial of benefits. The system will not permit late filing. If you wait 21 or more calendar days after the Saturday week-ending date to file a benefit week, your claim will be late and will be closed. If you wish to continue filing, you will need to reopen your claim either online by calling the Claims Center.


Questions & Answers

  1. Jesse Josserand says:

    I filed my 1st week yesterday (Sunday 10/15/2017). I did not see a way to enter information on my job searches. I also applied to 2 or more through your site, but see no way to confirm that to you, either. I was told someone would call me to discuss my case due to problems during online setup causing multiple entries of the company I own, but from which I’ve taken no money. No one has called. I’m on hold right now with you but it says 58 minute wait. Please have someone call me.

    • Sam says:


      Please note this a third-party forum and we would not be able to communicate details of your claim. You may chase the Claims Center for an update.

  2. kurt harris says:

    Like to file my weekly.

  3. Tammie David says:

    need to know how to do this on the phone

    • Adrian says:

      Please contact the claims service on a suitable number below.

      Salt Lake and South Davis Counties (801) 526-4400
      Weber and North Davis Counties (801) 612-0877
      Utah County (801) 375-4067
      Remainder of State and Out of State 1-888-848-0688

  4. I been out looking for employment and hoping employers call me so I can get working already

  5. I been out looking for work putting in applications n waiting for employers to call me

  6. Alan R Hazel says:

    I have been trying to file my weekly clam but it keeps telling me that the zip code dose not match the state address and will not go on . it has been my zip code for 50 years so whats up

    • Adrian says:

      This might be a conflict with data on the system, please speak to the customer service of the labor department in your state for technical advice.

  7. Dave Kinsinger says:

    I have been trying to file my weekly claim for Dec. 15-21 and Dec. 22-28 for several days and after I put the second job search in,it takes me offline and says there is a website problem. What can I do? I am not behind in my weekly claims.
    Thanks you for your help

  8. tim hatton says:

    checking on my unemployment status of acceptance. cannot get answers online. please help me. also have tried to file weekly claim as instructed and cannot get through. please advise

  9. Diane B says:

    If you are on furlough because of the government shutdown can you file for Unemployment

  10. ronald sarracino says:

    trying to file weekly claim

  11. Teri Adamson says:

    Trying to file my weekly claim

  12. Ronald S. Olsen says:

    I am trying to file my weekly claim.

  13. charles hamblet says:

    need to know how to do this over the phone

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