Vermont Unemployment Extension

Currently the Vermont Department of Labor is authorized to pay Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) to individuals who have exhausted and are ineligible for state unemployment compensation. Individuals who have already received their full regular and extended benefit entitlement will be mailed filing instructions if/when additional benefits become available. Information about future extensions (if/when) available will be posted on the state’s web page.  In either case, a notice will be mailed.  If a recipient’s mailing address changes, such change must be submitted in writing to enable notification.

Total available weeks currently available in Vermont is 40 weeks (Regular 26 weeks+ EUC 14 weeks)

The Federally funded EUC has been stopped until further notice. As of Dec, 2013, EUC will no longer be available to workers until the Congress decides otherwise.

Note: Currently Vermont does not offer Extended benefits (EB).

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