Virginia Unemployment Benefit Questions

Are UI benefit amounts subject to taxes?

Benefits and federal taxes are dependent on each other. You can request the state to hold back taxes on your benefit amount. If you do so, you will be mailed a statement of the benefits you received in the form of Form 1099- G.

Please ensure that you keep the state updated about any change in your contact number or address. You must also keep the state accurately informed about your earnings on the annual tax returns and pay the taxes due. If you are determined overpaid, you may have to return the money. Contact the Internal Revenue Service or your tax advisor for further information.

How can I repay my overpayment?

If you are deemed overpaid, you must be repay the amount in full at the earliest. However, if you unable to make the full payment you should contact the Benefit Payment Control Unit at the earliest at (804) 786-8593 to make arrangements for paying back the amount in installments. Re-payments or overpayments in general affect your benefit amounts for which you are expected to pay taxes. Contact your tax advisor if you have an concerns regarding this.

If I decide to not claim benefits post filing a claim, how can I cancel my claim?

Prepare a cancellation request in writing and submit it to the state within 30 days of filing. Final dates for cancellation and final dates for appeal on the monetary determination form are the same.

However, your claim cannot be cancelled if you have already received a benefit check or if a deputy has already issued a determination on your claim.

  1. I have been recieving the pua until the end of December it said I had exhausted the thirty nine weeks so I file a claim again . Thinking that’s what I had to do now I got two open claims n only allowed the one n I need the cancel the second claim because none of the benefits is hitting my account because of it . I’ve tryd everyday between 30 n 60 times a day to get threw to someone I’ve sent email and messages to every one from the paper pushers to Virginia senate n no response . I’m getting ready to be evicted and loose everything I got including my pregnant fiance if I can’t get this issue resolved what else can I do please help

  2. I just filed for unemployment for last week and I received my first check with no problem. My question is that I am laid off every other week so this week I work. Do I skip claiming this week since I do not require benefits and wait until the end of my lay off week to submit my weekly claim again? I have never heard of this. I dont want my claim to be closed because I need full unemployment benefits every other week. Thanks

  3. I had a change in jobs in a different state. quit one after being there 3 years and went to work at another place .After being hired in March now the place is closing. Do I qualify?

    • Annette,

      You can be eligible to claim if you lost the previous employment due to involuntary reasons. Just to be doubly sure, please call the Unemployment Office.

  4. On May 2, 2018 – I will be having a full replacement to my left knee . This is through no faulty of my own. In a left knee replacemnet surgery in 2014 unknowingly by the doctor a defective knee joint was used. I recently fell because of this knee causing an injury. That’s when thru an MRI by a new doctor we found out I had a defective knee joint called The DePuy knee replacement joint. This had to be replaced asap so further injury would be avoided. I will be out of work for 3 months causing a financial strain. Am I entitled to any unemployment benefits during this time. I anticipate returning to the same employer upon recovery. Thank you for any reply .

    • Jimmy,

      To claim UI benefits, a claimant should be able and available for work. Please call the Unemployment Office to determine eligibility.

      Hope you recover soon.

  5. I was told that my last day would 2/2 so pretty much I was giving a week notice, I worked here for a little over a year, but I was hired through a temp agency, can I still file unemployment and when can I file. I was not fired just told the company woud go in a different direction.

    • Brandee,

      Contract workers do not qualify since employers’ don’t pay unemployment taxes. Please ask your employer if they do and file accordingly.

      • I worked for 17 years. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and could not fulfill my duties. Can I get unemployment

        • Sarah,

          Unfortunately, personal reasons such as health conditions are not considered. Please call the Unemployment Office to check eligibility.

  6. If I am offered a severance package do I have to file for unemployment once the severance package start or can I file after it has ended. I am in the state of Virginia.

  7. I was fired from my job for refusing to be transferred to different job location. Can I claim/ apply for unemployment benefit?

  8. do I need to report rental income if I collect rent in California but receive unemployment Benefits from Virginia Unemployment benefits?

  9. I retired and draw social security. I went back to work full time but was laid off a few weeks ago. can I collect unemployment

    • In most states, you can collect SS and Unemployment Benefits together.

      Please call the Unemployment Office to confirm and apply accordingly.

  10. I will be laid off doon from a seasonal joband eligible fir benefits, but i have seen alot ofjobs for christmas seasonal help. If i work a holiday job would i still be eligibke for my um from summet job aftet christmas job ends??

    • Seasonal jobs are generally not eligible due to the obvious nature of work.

      Please inquire further with the Unemployment Office in your state and apply accordingly.

  11. If I am out of town for a week of my unemployment, I would answer that I was not available for work the week of … My question is do I continue to apply for work the week I was not available to work?

    • You may not be eligible to apply as the required job searches would not be made during that week.

      Please call the claims center on the phone numbers provided for further information.

  12. I am receiving unemployment benefits. I was offered a job but the start date isn’t for 2 more months. Do I give up my benefits even though I will not be receiving any salary for 2 months? And if I do continue to receive benefits, must I search for work until I actually start the new job?

    • Well, I am not really sure how it works in your state since each one has its own rules.

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for further information.

  13. Good morning-
    I am asking this questions for my sister, she worked in Afghanistan for 5 years as a contractor for Haliburton and has been home for 2 years can she get unemployment? She has only had a few part time jobs for a short time since being back in the states since May 2014, does she qualify?

  14. I am currently serving the US Army (Active duty) assigned in Virginia and am being honorably discharged due to the army sizing down. Does me being a Texas resident affect qualifying for unemployment here in Virginia?

  15. I am receiving military retirement, can I still receive unemployment for my job now after getting laid off? I live in Prince William Co. VA.

    • Please check with the Unemployment Office in your state by calling them.

      Some states allow both. Not Sure how it works in VA.

    • Please log onto your account first.

      It should not be a difficult task from there to find the account info to change the personal info.Remember,some of the info may not be editable.

  16. When receiving my benefits will my first check be for each week I did my job contacts while waiting on my decision?

    • Please let us know what decision you’re waiting for. Payments will be on a weekly basis based upon your claims.

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