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Virginia Unemployment Job Training

In order to be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits, an individual must register with the VEC (Virginia Employment Commission) for employment assistance online.

The VEC can provide job seekers exposure to an array of job opportunities, including local and statewide jobs in the private as well as state and federal government positions. A considerable cross-section of employers makes use of VEC to help them in appointing new staff, and some companies choose to have the VEC do all of their recruiting.

Services available to workers include

  • Placements and job referrals
  • Training referrals
  • Workshops for building job search skills
  • Shortlisting and referring claimants for job vacancies
  • Updating the claimants on information pertaining to global and national job markets. This information helps them in business and economic planning
  • Coordinating and conducting Employer Advisory Committee activities across the state

Following are some of the other field operations administered by the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC):

  • Certification for foreign labor
  • Seasonal and migrant farmworkers
  • Rural services program
  • Veteran’s services
  • Work opportunities tax credit (WOTC)
  • Trade act assistance (TAA)
  • Employer services (includes Employer Advisory Committee)
  • State monitor advocate

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  2. I was working as a contractor in Washington DC at the FBI, running VOIP cables. I hurt my shoulder (not due to job) and require shoulder reconstruction thus rendering me unable to do my job. How do I file for unemployment, can I file for unemployment. I was on the job for about 2 months before which I was working in MD on a contract for Dept. Of Justice. I would be unable to work for next 3-4 months. I would like to take some type of classes as I would like to pursue a certification (CCNA) related to IT. Please advise. Thank you and look forward to hearing back.

    • Nishith,

      You may not qualify for UI since they are offered only to those who are able and available for work. Please get in touch with the Labor authorities in your state to inquire about another form of benefit.

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