Virginia Unemployment Phone Number

Sometimes you just have to talk to a live person to get answers to your questions. In that case, you can call the VA Unemployment Phone Number: Toll Free: 1-866-832-2363.

Be prepared for long wait times because lots of people are trying to do the same thing that you are. Be patient and you will get through to someone that can help you. Even if it is frustrating to wait so long, please be polite to the person you get connected to.

The staffers on the other line are over-worked and are doing everything they can to help all of the people that are contacting them.

When you call the VA unemployment phone number, make sure that you have the following information:

  • Social security number
  • Dates of employment

A pen or pencil, and paper – to take notes

  1. ’m having the same issues with the online portal I keep reading about. It seems to be unable to verify ID since it’s launch in November and even the reps are at wits in about it. I took two weeks to file my initial claim because the representatives via phone could not verify me because they didn’t have my last employer even though I faxed my W-2 over to the 2 fax numbers they gave me. I know 4 people that the VEC did not show their last employer accurately. I was told by a rep this is a recurring issue. I’m 4 weeks in and they have still not verified the fax with my W-2 and the reps have told me that there is only 2 fax machines and the faxes have to physically be taken by hand from the paper fax and scanned into the system to then be processed and this sometimes takes months to be processed and they can’t even confirm my fax was received. I offered to visit an office but was told that they only help with job searches and could do nothing more than take my W-2 and fax it to the same numbers I already had and it would take the same time to get it scanned into the system. What’s insane is that even though they denied my claim and told me I have to refile once they verify my wages from my last job ( which they can’t confirm if they received the fax I sent on March 8th, again) they have contacted my last employer ( they one they deny I worked for for over a year) but they still say they can’t use that contact to confirm my employment. That employer has offered to send them my pay stubs and w-2 and they had him fax it to the same number and they say they can not verify that fax for 2-4 weeks. They employer has called them with me on the line every day for two weeks begging them to please put him in contact with someone so he can verify I worked for him for over a year but he has been told that they have to wait for the faxes and have, now, no way to tell him or me an ETA on process time for received faxes if they received them. I was told again that many faxes are not being received even when the sender receives a confirmation the fax was successfully transmitted. I have been told when they do finally process the W-2 I will have to refile my initial claim as the deadline will have expired and they acknowledged this through no fault of my own. I hear the frustration in the system from each of the reps I talk to even though they are lovely, the process of the VEC seems completely broken and the reps have no power to correct mistakes or actually help callers. Even then I get different answers from each rep I speak too. People depend on benefits when let go. If they have to spend 1-3 hours a day on the phone everyday for 3-5 months to get benefits and lose a home, car or can’t afford utilities or food due to the time it took to get payment what good are the VEC benefits? I will have a job before I get benefits at this point. Does the VEC expect me to take time from my new job to jump through hoops to try to get the VEC to process my benefits during the time I am out of work? Is the idea to get people to abandon their seeking of benefits? While the reps want to help me they acknowledge they are not empowered to do so and are just there to give standard answers and offer the 411 number to families that can’t afford food or rent. The VEC now knows its system is so broken they are referring benefit seekers to charities because they know that the system the seekers paid into will not work. The state of the VEC, its processes and support is cruel and unjust. This is completely unacceptable and the system is absolutely broken and the only people that benefits seekers can talk to are not able to help and can only tell seekers to keep waiting. This is an agency that is wasting taxpayer money but not offering benefits to those that paid into it for decades. Please tell me and others how we can get to someone that can actually help us. If out of work and benefits seekers are doing all the right things to file why should we be penalized for the many known issues and failings of the current VEC system. Are you ok with people going hungry and losing homes when they are due benefits they paid into? Tracy Mills

    (804) 548-3813

    1. Dear Tracy Mills,

      Yes, it unnacceptable. Your best options are to
      (1) Keep calling. It’s frustrating but you have to try.
      (2) Contact your US Congress Member to complain
      (3) Contact local media to publicize this–you can begin with taking the message you’ve written above and cutting it into 5-10 paragraphs for easier reading, then contacting your local newspaper or TV station.

      The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Don’t give up & keep in mind these agencies are chronically underfunded which means they do not have enough staff to help people.



  2. Same issue…invalid credentials because of their bad two step verification by phone when signing up. Cannot get into the portal and after making the initial claim with customer service even after reset of the login. I cannot get into the portal OR the phone. You go through the entire reporting and it says at the very end they are having technical difficulties, EVERY DAY. Customer service just says, we know, we can’t do anything about it.

    If I lose my house over this I WILL mass tort sue.

    1. Amy,

      Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible (you might be required to book an appointment prior to the website).

  3. Just tried 3x times to file an initial claim and your end goes silent. First time I got the entire way through and I was hung on. Bad enough being out of work now this.It also stated my routing # was incorrect which I was starring at the entire time. Your system is broken!!!

    1. Trevor,

      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to the claims file. Please call the Unemployment Office for a faster resolution.

  4. VEC, get your sh!t together already!!! I need my 1099 to do my taxes and when I have been able to get on, it kicks me out, says can’t confirm my digital identity even after I set up the login information and account in the “new” CSS online!!! Incompetent, still!!! Nothing has changed, as you make it out that your new site CSS solved all the serious problems! I registered and when it has let me log on, it kicks me out! I need my 1099 to do my taxes super bad. Can’t confirm digital identity?!?!?!??

    1. Jane,

      I can understand your frustration. Why don’t you consider calling the Claims Center and talking the issue with a representative?

  5. This is a James Alexander JNP enterprise I’m looking for employees we are an HVAC/electrical company if you have any employees looking for employment please do not hesitate to contact me ASAP 757-274-3148 it is Wednesday afternoon the 26th 11:13 AM

  6. VEC claiment site has been down since beginning of November. First they said it would be up Nov 1, then Nov 8, then Nov 17th. Then they stopped giving a date. As of today January 24th it is still offline!! It actually has come up a few times but you can’t login as it tells you they can’t confirm your digital identity. It would be nice to have the site up for filing the weekly claim but that can e called in. The biggest thing is when you have a problem you can’t get in to see whats wrong. I have not gotten paid in 7 weeks! Oh, they did send me an email the other day telling me to login for my 1099 for taxes…… yeah that would be fine if the damn site worked!

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