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Virginia Unemployment Weekly Claims

To avoid your claims from being rejected, you must make sure that your file your weekly claim within 28 days of filing the initial/ opening claim.

There are some criteria that claimants must meet in order to continue remaining eligible for UC. First, the claimant must actively seek new job opportunities and may have to prepare a work search report summarizing his/her efforts for the same. Claimants must not reject suitable job opportunities when they are presented to them. And most importantly, claimants must keep the State accurately informed about any income they earn.

The above tasks can be done online or through telephone. Usually a set of 15 questions are to be answered by claimants who wish to file further weekly claims.

As long as a claimant remains eligible for UI, he/she will continue to receive benefit checks from the state until the benefit balance is exhausted.

The amount and duration of benefits change from place to place. But they are given out for a maximum of up to 26 weeks.


  1. My Name is Diane Cole I been trying to put my weeks in ever since 2/07/21 I can’t get through to put my weeks in my pin is 943526 can someone help me I have call that 1-866-832-2363 I can’t get through. Will someone please call me at 804-200-9250 Thank You.

  2. I filed my last weekly benefits claim and put that I had taken a job offer starting the following week. at then end upon submission it said it was unable to process my claim and to try again later. when I went to try again, upon entering my pin, it said in red font “File not open” ??

  3. When do I file my first claim report. I filed a week ago and I think the waiting period is/was seven days which would be seven days ago. Do I receive an letter or an email.?
    Thank you,
    E F Thompson

    • Erica,

      That is correct. A claimant can only file once the claim is ‘approved’. You should receive formal notification via email and post. Please chase the Claims Center by calling them.

  4. Filled out my weekly benifits online yesterday while exhausted and jet lagged.Think I entered some wrong values, how do I change the information?

    • James,

      Please login to the same page and look out for options to edit. To correct something that is not editable, please call the Claims Center.

  5. I didn’t file the first weekly claim within 28 days of initial claim. I didn’t realize there was a time limit…I was on severance and just wanted to start the process. Can I start a new initial claim? Is there anything I can do? Thanks

    • what ended up happening? I just tried to file mine and it wouldn’t go through. I re did my claim for insurance because I thought I had to do it over again. They aren’t answering the phones. So not sure what I should do but wondering if you were able to get it re opened! Thanks!

    • Emily,

      Please call the Claims Center and speak to a representative for instructions. In the future, please file as per the timelines.

  6. I applied for UI on 6/26.
    I have received my monetary determination. I have not received my PIN to file my weekly claim. Can I call my weekly claim in?

    • Please note, we are not associated with the labor authorities in your state and therefore, do not have access to your claim information.

      Call the claims center for an update.

  7. my 16 of Virginia state unemployment expired March 29, 2014. Will my Virginia State unemployment be extended 10 weeks more equally the 26 week limit?

    Holly K Nermyr
    10097 Chestnut Wood Lane Burke VA 22015 703-978-1383

    • looks like you were approved only for 16 weeks that exhausted. The upper limit on state provided UI is 26 weeks.

      For confirmation,please call the claims center of the labor dept in your state.

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