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How much unemployment will I get if I make $1,700 a week?

Updated : September 15th, 2022

How much unemployment will I get if I make $1700 a week?

How much unemployment will I get if I make $1,700 a week?

If you are earning $1,700 per week, your state will consider several different criteria when determining your level of unemployment insurance benefits. They look at your earnings history with all employers who have paid into your state’s insurance benefits program, and they will also verify how much money you were earning before you lost your job. 


While details vary from state to state, below we’ve listed a few examples of what you can expect:

Montana Unemployment Calculator
If you make $1700 per week in Montana, your estimated weekly benefit is $552 for up to 28 weeks.
South Dakota Unemployment Calculator
If you make $1700 per week in South Dakota, your estimated weekly benefit is $466 for up to 26 weeks.
Kentucky Unemployment Calculator
If you make $1700 per week in Kentucky, your estimated weekly benefit is $626 for up to 24 weeks.
New Jersey Unemployment Calculator
If you make $1700 per week in New Jersey, your estimated weekly benefit is $830 for up to 26 weeks.

Select your state to calculate your weekly unemployment payment:

$1,700.00 a week is…

$1,700.00 a week (40 hours) Income
Daily (8 hours)$340.00
Biweekly (80 hours)$3,400.00
Monthly (173 hours)$7,352.50
Quarterly (3 months)$22,057.50
Yearly (52 weeks)$88,400.00

How much is $1,700 per week?

One thing people often worry about is how much money they’re making. It’s easy to fixate on this number, wondering if it’s enough and if you could be making more. You might have a different picture of your finances if you calculate your weekly pay over different time periods.

$1,700 a week is how much per hour?

The 40-hour work week has become an American standard. Interestingly, Switzerland, Ecuador, France, the Netherlands, and Germany all have workweeks that are less than 30 hours. But if you’re in the land of red, white, and blue, you’re probably working at least 40 hours. And consequently, if you’re making $1,700 per week, you’re making this much per hour:

 $1,700 per week / 40 hours per week = $42.50 per hour

$1,700 a week is how much per month?

Monthly income is good for gauging how well your paycheck can meet your expenses, and how much you can save for the future. That’s because most fixed expenses are monthly. The money that remains can either be used for needs, wants, or saving for the future. While it can be hard to trim down on needs, the remaining balance between wants and savings can make or break your plans for the future.

On average, there are about 4 weeks per month, but it’s far more accurate to calculate your monthly earnings this way:

40 hours per week x 52 weeks = 2080 hours annually

2080 hours annually / 12 months = 173 hours per month

Now factor in your hourly wage:

$42.50 per hour x 173 hours per month = $7,352.50 monthly

$1,700 a week is how much per quarter?

That’s a good solid number in terms of being able to save for the future. If you were able to put 20% of that income away, you’d be looking at $5,882 leftover to meet your expenses, which is still more than enough in pretty much every state.

Every three months can be a great time to reflect on your income, your spending, and whether or not you are meeting savings goals. If you are making $1,700 each week, you’re looking at…

$7,352.50 monthly x 3 months = $22,057.50

$1,700 a week is how much per year?

This is a good number to know in terms of professional growth, and tax planning:

$1,700 per week x 52 weeks = $88,400

Your reaction to this number could go one of two ways. You could either be very satisfied with this number, or you could feel compelled to figure out how to bridge the gap to six figures. If you like your job and your workplace, you might opt for staying where you are. Alternatively, if you don’t, or you’re self-employed, you might look for more clients or a better opportunity.

$1,700 a week is how much per day?

Every day you are likely making this amount of money if you work five days a week and roughly eight hours per day:

$42.50 per hour x 8 hours per day = $340

$1,700 a week is how much biweekly?

Your biweekly check or direct deposit will look like this:

$1,700 per week x 2 weeks = $3,400

Which, interestingly enough, is ten times your daily income.

What Types of Jobs Pay $1,700 a Week?

Jobs that pay $88,400 per year are the ones that are paying $1,700 per week. While that seems quite obvious, the reason we mention this is because when searching for certain types of jobs, you may find job pay listed as annual salary instead of weekly income.

One type of job that pays around this amount of money (or more) is a computer programmer. A computer programmer will help design software, or code the backend of websites. It’s a very specialized skill that often involves knowing several different types of programming languages for writing code. A computer programmer needs a high skill set in terms of troubleshooting, problem solving, and critical thinking. This is because they may need to come up with innovative solutions, such as how to integrate one piece of software with another.

Another type of job that can pay around $1,700 is sales. This is not true for every type of sales job, however. Salespeople who place cold calls and generate leads, or take inbound phone calls and generate them into sales, are probably not going to hit $88,400 per year. But salespeople who take those warm leads, make presentations, close deals, and develop ongoing relationships with a client, can easily make $88,400 per year or more. In some industries, the base salary alone may be this amount of money, with additional income available as sales bonuses. That said, sales is not for everyone. Building rapport, handling rejection, and overcoming objections are just a few of the skill sets that good salespeople must have.

If you’d rather work for yourself and like the idea of hunting for our work, being a real estate agent is another job that can pay $88,400 per year, in theory. Real estate agents pair home buyers with homeowners who are selling their homes, typically taking a 5% or 6% commission for each sale. That, of course, means that the final paycheck is only going to be worth the number of homes they close on, and the value of those homes. But while being a real estate agent alone may not get you to $1,700 per week, on average, it might be something you can do on the weekend or on evenings to bridge the gap between whatever you’re making and $1,700 per week.

A business manager is another type of job that can often pay $88,400 per year or more, for an average weekly income of $1,700. Business managers help manage the operational end of a company (as opposed to consumer facing like a marketing manager). More specifically, they will analyze how the business is running and find areas for improvement. They will put procedures in place to maximize productivity. Overall their job is to make sure the company they work for is making the most profit it can.

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