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District of Columbia Unemployment Benefit Questions

Does pension affect Unemployment Insurance benefits?

Yes and no. If you are receiving pension from a fund to which you made no contribution, then your benefit amount may be affected. This means that your weekly pension amount will be calculated and that much will be reduced from your benefit amount for UC.

If you are receiving pension from a fund that you contributed to, your UC  will remain unaffected. This would be your social security pension and there will be no reduction in the benefit amount.

If I owe child support, will my weekly benefits be affected?

If you are obliged to support a child, at least 25% of your weekly benefit may be deducted. The deducted amount will be applied to your child support obligation.

What is over payment ? And what could lead to it?

Receiving benefits for which you are not entitled could lead to over payment. If you end up receiving overpaid, you may receive a notification about the same. Following are some of the instances that lead to over payment.

  • Not reporting your earnings
  • Providing an inaccurate report of your earnings
  • Receiving back pay. If you were restored to work with back pay, you will be overpaid if the back pay covered any weeks for which you already received unemployment compensation
  • Continuing to file for benefits even after you have returned to work
  • An administrative Law Judge’s decision overturning an earlier ruling that you were eligible for benefits

    • Luther,

      There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  1. If I receive severance pay for 12 months following a voluntary separation from my job, can I file for unemployment now or do I have to wait after 12 months, when my severance pay ends?

    • Jo,

      Please wait until the severance payout is complete. I suggest you call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

    • I am not sure what you mean by “affect” benefits. Please file from the state where your employment was based.

    • Well, any income you earn while receiving UI benefits should be reported.

      Please call the Claims Center to inquire about your eligibility to work under the contract.

      • I am 73, have worked full time running a children’s clothing store, which closed in August because of reduced sales. I collect Social Security and wondered if I can collect unemployment benefits from the District, where I live and worked for 33 years.

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