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District of Columbia Unemployment Job Search Requirements

Failure to conduct a thorough work search (through seeking and applying for employment) will affect your eligibility and may result in a denial of benefits.

To remain eligible to receive benefits, the law requires that:

  • Claimants are expected to contact at least two employers every week
  • Claimants should also prepare a work search report. The work search report should include the following
    • Date on which you contacted the employer
    • Name, address and contact number of the employer. Also include details about the nature of contact (telephone/ in person)
    • Name, email and fax number of the employer
    • Website link, if the application was submitted online
    • A copy of your job application
  • The claimants must produce the above work report as and when they are asked to do so
  • Claimants must compulsorily be registered for work with the local DC One-Stop Career Center
  • Claimants must commence work search within a week of filing the first claim.

DOES verifies work search activities. You may be asked for evidence of your work search efforts at any time.

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