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Washington Unemployment Job Training

WorkSource employment centers are partners in the American Job Centers network. They provide employment and training services to job seekers and employers. Most of the services are free. WorkSource employment centers are located all through Washington. Know about your nearest centers. If you live outside of Washington, find the nearest American Job Center or call 877-872-5627.

WorkSource has these free on-site resources to help you:

  1. Skill assessment and career guidance
  2. Job-search tools like Internet access, copiers, fax machines, computers, printers, newspapers and phones
  3. Strategies for finding a job
  4. Information about how much jobs pay and which jobs are in demand
  5. Referrals to job openings
  6. Referrals and appointments for job-search assistance services.
  7. Assistance preparing your résumé and getting ready for job interviews
  8. Sharing job-search strategies with other job seekers.
  9. Referrals to formal training programs, as well as access to free online training.
  10. Referrals to food banks, free credit counseling, housing, utilities assistance and many other community resources to help you cope with unemployment. You also can call 211 for additional resources.

You can use their computers to:

  • Search for jobs
  • Look at jobs on other websites
  • Post your resume
  • Develop your work skills by accessing online programs
  • Work on job-search tools, such as developing resumes and cover letters
  • Explore labor-market information and companies

To support universal access to job-search services, WorkSource offer a range of technology resources intended to help those with different needs, such as limited mobility, low vision or blindness, learning and cognitive needs, or hearing impairments.

WorkSource centers offer valuable classes, workshops and other services that may help meet your weekly job-search requirements. Contact WorkSource for more information.

If you are selected to attend an orientation or job-search review at WorkSource or an American Job Center in your state, you must attend. If you don’t attend as scheduled, you may be deprived of benefits.

  1. I was laid off from my job after 39 years
    I company is having work done overseas
    What are my options for being retrained
    This was the only job that I have had

    • I suggest that you contact the Unemployment Office in your state or visit the local office for up to date details of the training programs available.

    • Please note that we are not a govt. website and have limited information on the courses offered in your state.

      You can call them or use their website( to find out more.

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