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Washington Unemployment Weekly Claims

Washington Unemployment Benefits

The Washington unemployment insurance program offers temporary financial aid to those who are without a job and actively looking for new employment. To remain eligible for this program, the state mandates that all applicants submit a claim every week. Once the weekly claim is submitted, the state can process your unemployment benefits.

Weekly claims maintain unemployment eligibility

After applying for unemployment benefits, each unemployed worker must submit weekly claims to the Washington Employment Security Department. This claim is important because it demonstrates that you are meeting the necessary eligibility requirements for unemployment insurance. You will need to submit this claim for every week you wish to receive UI benefits

The unemployment week is from Sunday to Saturday. When you submit your weekly claim, you are claiming benefits for the week that ended the previous Saturday at 11:59 p.m. The week you are claiming must be completed before you file a claim.

When submitting a weekly claim, be prepared to answer questions such as:

  1. Were you physically capable and ready for work every day?
  2. Did you meet the work search requirements for the week you’re claiming?
  3. Did you refuse any offers for suitable work or miss a scheduled job interview?
  4. Have you applied for or received workers’ or crime victim’s compensation?
  5. Have you applied for or experienced any changes in your pension?
  6. Will you receive holiday pay, vacation pay, sick pay, or pay in lieu of notice for any day during the week you’re claiming?
  7. Did you serve on a jury?
  8. Did you perform Military Reserve or National Guard duties for more than 72 consecutive hours?
  9. Did you work for yourself (self-employment)?
  10. Did you work for any employer last week?

If you worked during the week, you will also need to tell the department:

  1. Wages earned that week, even if you haven’t received the payment yet.
  2. The number of hours you worked during that week.
  3. The name of your employer’s business.
  4. The complete address of your employer’s business.
  5. If you’re starting a new job and not continuing one from the previous week, you need to provide the date you started working.

After entering your earnings, you will be asked if you expect to work for the same employer next week. If your answer is no, you must provide the last day you physically worked and explain the reason, such as:

  1. Lack of work
  2. Being fired from the job
  3. Quitting the job
  4. Other

Before you submit your unemployment claim, be sure to carefully review all the information you provided to ensure its accuracy. It’s very important to be honest and not hide any details. If you’re found to be misrepresenting or withholding information, it can be seen as unemployment fraud.

Keep in mind that you should keep submitting your weekly claims, even if you are going through the appeals process. If you fail to file a claim, it may cause a delay or denial of unemployment compensation for each week that you do not file.

How to file weekly claims

There are two ways for unemployed workers to submit their weekly claims for Washington state unemployment insurance. The most convenient way is online using the SecureAccess Washington eServices portal, the other way is by phone.


You will want to complete the following instructions to submit a weekly claim online:

  1. Visit
  2. Log in using your SecureAccess Washington credentials
  3. Click the “UI Claim” under the “Summary” tab
  4. Click “You have a weekly claim to file”
  5. Choose the week you want to claim
  6. Answer the questions on the screen
  7. Review answers for accuracy
  8. Click “Submit”


If you decide to file your weekly claims over the phone, you will need to call the UI claims center. You can do this on Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. PST.

You will need to create a PIN the first time you file your weekly claim by phone, and you will need to provide this PIN for each subsequent weekly phone claim.

How do I know if my weekly claim was successfully submitted?

When you submit your weekly claim through the eServices portal, a confirmation screen will appear when your claim is successfully submitted.

If you choose to submit your weekly claim by phone, you will hear a message saying, “Your claim has been accepted.” If more information is needed, you will be asked to stay on the line to speak with a claims agent or given a phone number to call. It’s important to follow the instructions and make the necessary calls to avoid any delays or denials in receiving your payment.

If you don’t receive a confirmation that your weekly claim has been processed, you can check the status of your claim in two ways:

  1. Sign in to your eServices account, go to the “Summary” tab, and click on the “UI claim” link.
  2. Call the Claims Center automated phone line after 24 hours have passed.

What if my weekly claim is late?

If you forgot to submit your weekly claim(s) and are not more than four weeks behind, you have two options to catch up:

  1. Online through eServices: Click on the designated button that says “You have a UI weekly claim to file” and file your missed weekly claim(s). Your eServices account will show an alert for each week you are eligible to file for your unemployment insurance benefits.
  2. By phone: Call the UI claims center to speak with a claims agent who will assist you in filing your missed weekly claim(s).

If you are more than four weeks behind in submitting your weekly claims and want to file for the missed weeks, you will need to make a request through eServices or contact the UI claims center to talk to a claims agent. In this case, you will receive a questionnaire asking why you were late in filing the claims. A decision will then be made to determine if you are allowed to submit the late claims.

How to collect payment

You have two options to receive your benefit payment:

  1. Prepaid debit card—You can choose to receive your payments through a prepaid debit card. If you apply online using your eServices account, you can select this option. If you apply by phone, you will automatically receive a debit card.
  2. Direct deposit—If you prefer your unemployment compensation be directly paid into your bank account, you can set this up using the eServices portal. If you require assistance, a UI claims center agent can help. For security purposes, direct deposit information cannot be submitted over the phone.

In both cases, your benefit funds will be deposited electronically, either onto the debit card or directly into your designated bank account.

Can I change my preferred payment method?

Yes, if you prefer to change your payment method or need to update your banking details, you can do so using the SecureAccess Washington eServices portal. Simply click “Settings” and then click “Update Payment Information.”

  1. Your organization needs to make this more user friendly. This is ridiculous. The circle of hell. No wonder our state is as jacked up as it is. Wow.

  2. I have been approved for my backdated claim to January 21st 2018 How do i go back and claim for weeks ending 1/21/18 through 2/18/18 ?

    • James,

      Please call the Claims Center to check for availability of the option. Alternatively, you can also explore the option on your account online.

  3. Why doesn’t the website work? My account is suspended and says they have technical difficulties for over a month. The phone numberjust tells you to call back

    • Ebony,

      I can understand your situation. Wish we could help further on this issue. Website issues generally last for a very small time.

  4. I cannot get a phone number to ask why my claim has not been payed for 3 weeks?? Is there a phone number to speak top a Human??

    • I’m having a problem getting in the the website. When I log on it thinks it’s a new device so they want to call me with a code but I received a new phone number and I can’t get into my email because I forgot my pass word. I have calmed and you guy were kinda stump so is there another number I can call to reset my email/ number

      • Amber,

        You should be able to find additional contact details on the same website. Also, please browse the FAQ section (if any) for self-help.

  5. Does anyone know the other number to file a claim the 1-800-318-6022 redirected me and I didn’t hear the other number

  6. I just got a job and need to close my claim. I can’t be at a phone to call unemployment M-F to let you know. Is this message enough to let you know that I am now working?

  7. My PIN was suspended. For what or why it.eas suspended, I have no clue., I called the toll free # however, the line was very busy and the automated lady told me to call back later,then terminated the call. Is there a alternate way to get it until suspended? I, go to worksource office,. Or ?

  8. I tried to file my claim the week ending Nov. 25th however the Friday is a holiday. Do I file the following Monday? Or was I suppose to file on Wednesday before the Thanksgiving holiday?

    • I am not sure how it works in your state. Please call as usual on the designated day to check if phone lines are open for claims.

  9. I have applied for direct deposit 3 times now and I need to have my unemployment go to my bank account. What the heck do I do now. Again and again have I applied and confirmed my banking information on the phone yet nothing was sent to my account again. What to do, is my question

    • Is this a joke? You people shouldn’t be paid until you fix this bull shit. My pin was locked after I spent 2 hours waiting to talk to some one after an hour of trying to get to a person on the phone through your menu. This person said my account was ready to file and that I was denied on an auto denial response from your department. Auto denial? Really ? That’s how you help the people that keep you employed? Scum! To top it off now the web site just kicks me out to the password screen. How does this help anyone? Why is my money going to people who dont care and wont work?

    • Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim information. Call the claims center for the complaint.

  10. What can you do if the site is down (on Sunday)and makes you have to send in that claim on Monday. Your payment is not sent and your claim ignored for that week. How do you get reinstated and that payment?

    • Please note this is not a government website. Please call the claims center on the phone numbers provided for further assistance.

  11. When I filed my weekly claim it told me to call back to answer some more questions, but I can never get though?? Any help please.

    • Please try the phone numbers during off peak hours. Also check for alternate numbers on the website of the labor dept in your state.

  12. What happens if you could never get ahold of a represenitive for quite a long time to get unemployment. It got suspended becuz I did not know my pin#. Did not understand.

    • Please keep trying.

      If you do not file within the stipulated time, you will not receive compensation for that week.

  13. I have appealled twice and since my employe has terminated my employment. How doI report this when I can’t get through to anyone on phone. I need to report my termination and request benefits. i need help 1-800-318-6022 will not allow me to report this. Christy

  14. I could not file my weekly report last week due to computer system problem. Since I am missing a weekly report, the system does not allow me to file my weekly report. What should I do

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