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Updated : June 9th, 2023

West Virginia Unemployment Benefits

West Virginia Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment benefits in Wyoming are provided by the Department of Workforce Services to eligible individuals who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. These benefits are intended as a temporary source of income to aid job seekers while they search for new employment.

The amount and duration of benefits typically depend on an individual’s previous earnings and the reason for the job loss.

West Virginia UI Benefits Calculator

The West Virginia Unemployment Benefits Calculator helps you estimate your UI weekly benefits amount.

UI Benefits Calculator
Calculate Your West Virginia Unemployment Benefits

Use the WV unemployment calculator to estimate your UI benefit payments.

West Virginia Unemployment Calculator

Eligibility for UI Benefits in West Virginia

You must meet monetary and job separation requirements to receive unemployment benefits in West Virginia.

Monetary Eligibility

You must have earned $2,200 gross wages in your entire base period and have paid wages in two or more quarters of your base period to monetarily qualify for West Virginia unemployment benefits.

Base Period: In West Virginia, the base period is the first four of the five complete calendar quarters before the start date of your unemployment claim. If you don’t have sufficient wages in the regular base period, the Workforce will consider your wages in the alternate base period.

Learn about West Virginia eligibility requirements

Job Separation

Another important eligibility requirement for WV unemployment insurance is the reason you became unemployed. You can qualify for unemployment benefits only if you have lost your job through no fault of your own.
But under certain circumstances, you may qualify for unemployment benefits if you quit your job, provided the reason for quit is any of the following:

  • You quit your job because of dangerous working conditions
  • You quit your job due to the domestic violence
  • You had a medical condition and were unable to work
  • You quit the job due to the harassment by your employer, or the employer was unable to stop harassment by a coworker

Note: The Workforce West Virginia may contact your employer to determine the actual reason for your job separation. If the Workforce determines that you provided misleading information, you will be disqualified from receiving benefits and may even face charges of WV unemployment fraud.

WV Eligibility Calculator

Maintaining Eligibility

You should maintain your eligibility throughout your benefit period. You can maintain eligibility in the following ways:

  • File your weekly claim on time/span>
  • Register for work with the Workforce West Virginia
  • Participate reemployment services and work search activities
  • Actively looking for a suitable job
  • Be able to work and be available for full-time work

Learn more about job search requirements

How to apply for UI benefits in West Virginia

To apply for West Virginia unemployment benefits, you need the following documents:


You should apply for unemployment benefits online through your Workforce WV account. However, you may also apply in person at your local Workforce WV Job Center.


You are encouraged to apply for unemployment benefits online. Visit and select “To file a new or additional initial unemployment claim” to file a claim online.


If you don’t have a computer or access to the internet, you can also file in person at your local Workforce WV Job Center.

Learn how to apply for WV unemployment benefits

How To File Weekly Claims

You can file your weekly unemployment claim certification either online by visiting your local Workforce WV Job Center.


  • You must certify your answers each week to verify your ongoing eligibility for UI benefits.
  • You are required to complete and document work search activities to prove you are searching for employment.
  • File weekly claim certification between Sunday at 12:01 a.m. and Friday at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Delay in filing the certification can result in loss of unemployment benefits for that week.

Learn how to file a weekly claim

Things To Know After Filing An Application

There are several aspects that you must know after filing for unemployment benefits.

Overpayment And Fraud

Sometimes, you may receive benefits more than what you are entitled to. Overpayments can occur due to various reasons, including an administrative error, a hearing officer reversing a previous award, or you were later found to be unemployed through your fault and were disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits.

If you receive an overpayment through no fault of your own, you will be required to repay the overpaid unemployment benefits. You can repay the overpayments either through the mail or check. If you are unable to do so, contact Workforce West Virginia.

Fraud/ Willful Misrepresentation

If you receive overpayments due to false statements or misrepresentation intentionally, that’s considered WV unemployment fraud. You may be disqualified from receiving benefits and have to pay a 20% penalty on overpaid amounts. You may face criminal charges.

Benefits Extension

Normally, the state of West Virginia provides benefits for up to 26 weeks. However, if the unemployment rate is too high, it may provide extended benefits. Visit Workforce West Virginia to know more about the benefits extension programs.

Job Training Assistance

The West Virginia workforce offers development services to help you find a job or acquire new skills. The local offices throughout the state offer one-on-one assistance and a database of jobs to help you screen employment opportunities online. The state’s career services can help you conduct a job search, prepare a cover letter and resume, and improve interview skills.

Find job training opportunities in WV

West Virginia unemployment contact information

If you have questions about your claim for NC unemployment benefits, you can call the Workforce WV Claims Support phone number.

If you need assistance finding a new job, including help with UI claims, resume writing, job interview preparation, current labor market information, and job training programs, visit your local Workforce WV Career Center.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What do I have to do to remain eligible for unemployment benefits?
You must be available and able for work, register with the Workforce West Virginia Employment Service, actively seek employment, and record your work search activities. Learn more.
Q. How do I appeal an unemployment denial decision?
You must file your appeal within 8 days from the date of mailing of the denial decision. You can file an appeal by writing a letter filing a regular form to your local office. Note that you must continue to file weekly claims during your appeal. If you win the appeal, you will receive benefits for the weeks you filed a claim. Learn more.
Q. Why file a weekly claim?
You must file weekly certification to remain eligible for benefits. The weekly certification must be submitted between Sunday at 12:01 a.m. EST and Friday at 5:00 p.m. EST. Learn more.

Questions & Answers

  1. I was approved and have a 12 thousand dollar balance and don’t no how or y I am not getting paid I haven’t received any of it and it said there’s no outstanding weeks to claim but I’m Eliable with a money on my balance can you help me get on track

  2. Will the State UEO back up and pay since I have been out of work since April 1, 2021? What do I need to do to get a hold of someone in the Logan County office it’s all automated and I can’t talk to anyone via telephone about it. Any information and a phone number to where I can speak to a real person and get them to look into my case and possibly back up and get me paid since I am out of work and have 3 kids.

  3. I filed for WV Unemployment. Deputy Decision…I was approved. 6weeks later. My claim is in hold. My employer finally responded back(giving false) information which has now led me filing appeal after appeal since May 2020. Even tho my employer wrote a Letter stating I was employed that I did not quit…..the Board of Review keeps denying my claim…bc now they say my claim is based on the WHY my appeal was filed late….which I explained showed proof to my best perfection only to be denied again none of this would have happen and no appeals would be filed if my employer didn’t give false info. Please any information that can lead me to help with my claim so I can get my money that i deserve is appreciated

  4. What do you do if your PIN number is not working when Filing a “new/additional Initial Claim” and you can’t get any further. BUT, if you call the 1-800 number it will allow me to use my social and a PIN that I believed was right to give me information ,HELP ASAP

    • If you tried to use any part of your birthdate or ss # or any other apparent form of identification, the system will kick it out and automatically default to the day you filed your initial claim. They won’t tell you this and I spent hours trying to get a human to speak to (I’m an out of state claimant). Try that.

  5. I worked most of 2018 in WV but my staffing company reported my wages in my home state of Ms which pays only $235 a month. The company is out of PA and uses ADP for payroll. Is this a legal activity?

    • I was discharged from employment. I was not able to file weekly claims due to pending investigation. I received the deputy’s decision in my favor 3 weeks later which stated the employer failed to prove misconduct and no eligibility issue is known to exist. Will I be able to get paid for the 2 weeks I wasn’t able to file due to the investigation?

      • Melissa,

        If you had filed, you would have received benefits retrospectively. I am not sure if you can now. Please call the Claims Center for clarity.

  6. I need a copy of my 2016 unemployment 1099 form, and I have been told since not in the current year that is not available. Is this correct?

    • Kim,

      You should still be able to get access to it. Please call the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided.

  7. I left my job and moved to another area in WV. Will I be eligible for unemployment? It is difficult to find a job in the area I moved to

    • Diana,

      You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

      • I was upset and could not receive the unemployment benefit with the low income report after those benefits approved when I had under 80 dollars per week from working sometime and zero income in two months in the winter/spring. I work for the company in 3 years but workforce office worker told me to get the benefit till I found the benefit was zero. That is a lot lies at WV employment office. I never received the benefits in 3 years of every winter/springs after workforce workers lied.

        • John,

          If you feel you’ve been deceived, please consider “Appealing” the decision by asking for an adjudicator.

  8. I was laid off on the 15th of November filed for unemployment, waiting my one week waiting period, told after I received my first check that I would have to open a new claim again, now I have to wait another week? How is that possible. here it is the 5th and I have to wait again? so it will be 2 checks in 4-5 weeks, no wonder people cant make it and get upset, we pay into this when we work and they want to act like we don’t deserve it

      • I have been fighting with the “supposedly competent” WV PUA Unemployment Claims Division since the end of August regarding a check they sent and lost in the mail for all of my unemployment initial backpay. This check is almost a $12,000 check. I have the saved email from workforce of wv. I’ve called and jumped through every set of new hoops they tell me to. I have copies of where I have had to actually sign a lost check in the mail form that was then sent to the IRS. And u what. Still no damn check or money or help. No call backs, no damn basic reassurance that hey I wont lose everything this check will show up just keep doing what they telling u too. But no. And also to add insult to injury my account was hacked toward the end of this year. I’d say most definitely in December it got hacked to where I couldn’t access it. I called and reported this occurrence to the damn fraud department and guess what I still have no access to my account whatsoever. I’ve had to send in everything from my ID verification to my unemployment verification at least 10 copies of each and I still have had no help. I’ve lost everything. I thought my state would have provided and cared more for me. I’m calling today this date of 06/14/2021 in probably about 3 hours because hopefully they will actually be open and maybe someone can help me. But otherwise if this doesn’t work I think I may be doomed to live my summer in the tent under the bridge. I’m a good person and I really need the help so please if anyone sees this and can help please respond.

  9. To add insult to injury this family is devastated. My side of the story is not heard. Have received numerous acculates on this job for numerous reasons, customer appreciation, attendance, never missed work, employee of the year, scores with secret shopper-excellent. Why can’t this state do their job, investigate the problem, I am not it, sorry to be a lifetime resident of the state. Shame its come to this.To let an employer get away with this and the state to make a final decision is just enough to make me puke!My phone # is 304-277-4559, if anyone cares…

    • Roberta,

      I can understand what you’re going through. If you think you were denied UI benefits wrongfully, please file an “Appeal”. You can find details regarding the adjudication process on the website of the Unemployment Office.

  10. I worked 37 years for Wheeling Downs, was terminated for unjust cause, whether or not for this state to deny my unemployment is just unfair. What am I suppposed to do? Its a shame Delaware North denies my claim and the state of WV does not overturn this action. My benefit should have been accepted. Delaware North which is one of the top ten worst employers to work for. Really?

  11. Due to a loss of grant funding, I have been given the option of working half time through the end of April, or being laid off on April 1 and collecting unemployment. I have two questions: If I opt for half time (at half the pay) for one month, will it negatively affect my future unemployment rate? If I opt to work half time, will I be eligible to collect low earnings compensation from unemployment?

    • Answers to your questions as below.

      1) Since it will be considered as income, it may reduce your unemployment compensation by a bit.
      2) You should still be eligible to collect since it was involuntary.

      I suggest that you speak to the Unemployment Office for further clarification.

  12. I was recently relieved of my duties because my supervisor claimed she didn’t tell me to hold a mailing and I didn’t mail it out in a timely manner. It was investaged and I was relieved of my duties. Would I be eligible for unemployment?

    • If it was your fault, you will not be eligible. If you were terminated wrongfully, you can apply and claim Unemployment benefits.

  13. I am a employer who has a employee that has applied for unemployment. He was fired because he was drunk on the job, can he still receive unemployment.

    • If the employee was fired due to being “Drunk on the job”, he/she will not be eligible to receive Unemployment Compensation.

  14. If back pay is receive via grievance outcome, does the unemployment received while off to be paid back, or does the payment to unemployment through payroll take care of this.

  15. I am planning on retiring in 2018. If my Texas employer forces me to retire before then can I still file for unemployment even if I am receiving my retirement?

    • You should be eligible, provided you are able and available for work.

      The claimant must be actively looking for jobs to ensure continuity in benefits.

  16. My husband’s company has been after him as to when he was going to retire. He told them he wanted to wait until 1st of March 2016 so he could get his full retirement benefits come February. They have hired someone to replace him and now looks like he will be out of a job the middle of October. Can he received unemployement or will he have to take his retirement before his full benefits come into play?

    • I filed 9 months ago got determination in July still no card no money no human to talk to!! What’s going on I’m loosing everything starving here when need help can’t get it this government sucks!! Didn’t get 1st stimulus check due to child support an may not the next one what people like me suppose to do

      • Heather,

        I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals

  17. I was working 40hrs a week got into car wreck was unable to work for little while Dr. released me to go back the place I was working told me I had to be fill in now now can I draw

    • If you left the job for medical reasons, you will not qualify for UI.

      Please check further with the labor authorities in your state and file accordingly.

  18. My employer has not paid me or my fellow employees since Oct 3 2013, we are on a 2 week pay period. We were not paid on Oct 17 2013, My employer has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcies protection in the state of Pennsylvania in the mounth of August. Is there anyting we can do other than wait for him to pay us

  19. when my 26 weeks of UI ends from NC in october, I have moved to WV in March 2013, can I receive fed extension? I worked in NC for 28 years and paid into unemployment continuously during those 28 years with no unemployment.

    • I am not sure about few facts which you have mentioned but it is important for you to know that irrespective of where you stay now, you can claim benefits from the state where you worked last. In your case it is NC. As you already know, extension is unavailable in NC.

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