West Virginia Unemployment Benefit Questions

West Virginia Unemployment Benefits

Who qualifies for WV unemployment insurance?

In West Virginia, to qualify for unemployment insurance, you must have sufficient past employment earnings and you should be unemployed through no fault of your own. Additionally, you must be able, available, and actively seeking work while receiving benefits. Learn more.

How do I apply for WV unemployment benefits?

To apply for unemployment benefits in West Virginia, you can submit an application online via the WorkForce West Virginia website. Ensure you have all necessary information ready, including your Social Security number, employment history, and bank details for direct deposit. Learn more.

How are WV unemployment benefits calculated?

Workforce WV uses a formula to calculate your benefits. The amount of money you receive is based on your previous earnings and work history. The most you can receive is $30 per week, and the lowest amount is $24 per week. Learn how to calculate your WV unemployment benefits.

How long will my UI benefit last?

In West Virginia, you can collect unemployment compensation for up to 26 weeks. Sometimes UI benefits are extended during periods of a high rate of unemployment.

What are the WV unemployment work search requirements?

In West Virginia, individuals claiming unemployment benefits are required to actively search for work and document their job search activities each week. This includes making job contacts and being available for work if a job offer is made. Learn more.

How do I file my WV weekly claim?

To submit your weekly certification, log in to your Workforce WV online account. Select “File your weekly certification for benefits” and follow the instructions. Learn more.

Why was my WV unemployment claim denied?

Your WV unemployment claim can be denied if you do not meet the eligibility requirements set forth by West Virginia law. This includes being able and available to work, and actively searching for work. You must also be unemployed through no fault of your own and meet certain work history requirements. If you are denied benefits, you have the right to file an appeal.

How do I contact Workforce West Virginia?

You can call Workforce West Virginia by phone, or visit your local Workforce WV job center in person.

How do I get paid?

You can choose to receive your weekly payments through direct deposit or have the funds deposited onto a KeyBank Mastercard debit card.

  1. I work for a company that has announced closure of our facility this year. There is a severance package that I will receive when the plant closes. Am I eligible for unemployment benefits while receiving severance from my company?

    • Sylvia,

      Please consider applying for partial UI benefits until full hours are restored. You should be eligible.

  2. I was working full time and making a $14.99 per hour.
    Do I have to accept a part time job making less than I was receiving when I was employed.

    • Hida,

      You’re required to accept “suitable” job. Please call the Claims Center for specific assistance in this regard.

  3. I work for a small business and am paid hourly. About four times a year, my employer takes vacation for a week at a time and I am not paid for the time he is off and I do not work. Am I entitled to low earnings pay?

    • Theresa,

      Temporary and contract jobs are generally not eligible since employers’ don’t pay taxes into the system. Please check with your employer if they do.

  4. My husband works for an international company, we have our home in WV where we reside, he does when not on travel. If his job ends does he qualifie for unemployment in WV?

    • Charlene,

      If he is on the rolls of the company, his employer pays unemployment taxes into the system, your husband can claim if he loses his job due to involuntary reason.

    • Betty,

      Please apply from the state where your employment was based. Your employer would have remitted taxes into your state of employment.

  5. I will be 66 next month and had planned to apply for SS and continue to work. It is very likely that I am going to be laid off due to lack of work. How will SS Benefits impact my unemployment benefits. I should meet all requirements of Unemployment eligibility.

    • Your age and SS will certainly have an impact when you apply for UI.

      Please call the Unemployment Office to inquire further.

  6. I was working full time for a cleaning company was in car accident had Dr slips for being off work well when released the had no work for me so I am still waiting for them to call me it’s been over year can I claim

    • You will not be eligible to claim since one needs to have earnings in the last 4-5 calendar quarters.

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state.

  7. I work for a home care company and a client that I took care of for 3.5 years has passed away. The company I work for will try to find a new client or situaion for me to work. However there could be a long interval before this happens. Would I be eligible for short term compensation during this time ?

    • You can be eligible to claim under such situations.

      Please check with your employer to confirm if they remit Unemployment Taxes and make a decision accordingly.

  8. My question , is started a job, full time . Will not get paid for a month due to holding two weeks pay .. Will I be able to still file on my claim since I’m not getting paid during this time

    • Since you’ve just got into employment, you may not be eligible to claim further.

      Please call the Claims Center to confirm.

  9. the place where I’m working is going out of business and the company offered me another position at a lower rate in a different location will I get unemployment if I don’t take it their offer?

  10. I quit do to my wife needing help with her medical issues it says that I am eligible but disqualified what does that mean

  11. I was disqualified from benefits until Dec.5th. Will a week still be held out before I start receiving my benefits?

  12. I am employed as a mechanic for 40 Years only getting paid on flat rate. The company went into a buy out causing my income to drop thousands a month. Can i get partial unemployment until things return to normal.

    • You will only qualify if your employer is paying unemployment taxes on your behalf.

      Please check with your employer and apply accordingly.

  13. can receive partial unemployment benefits…I recently was notified that my job of 8 years will be terminated on December 31st. This was my main job, I am also working part time for appx 12 hrs per week.
    Am I able to claim partial unemployment benefits

  14. If a person wins a grievance and receives back pay paid through payroll does the unemployment $received have to be paid back, or does the payroll deductions/payment take care if this.

  15. Today my doctor told me no more working ever.Gave me a paper to begin the process of filing dissabillity.But, what am I supposed to do in the mean time? Is there unemployment for this??
    Ive worked my whole life and now am not able.My claim can take years.Can I file unemployment of some type??

    • You will not be able to claim unemployment benefits.

      If the ailment is work related, please look for benefits under the Workers Compensation scheme.

  16. I have recently moved from Columbus, Ohio and have moved back to West Virginia and I need to know how to claim unemployment benefits from Ohio even though I have moved back to West Virginia.

  17. do you have to wait until your severance pay is gone before you are eligible for benefits? I was employed in Maryland but live in west Virginia. Do I have to go to Maryland to apply or to the west Virginia office?

    • Yes,you have to wait until the severance pay is complete.

      Please apply from Maryland.In most states,the claim can be filed online.

  18. I am 67 years old but have been working full time until July 8th. I am receiving my SS Benefits. Am I eligibile for unemployment?

    • SS benefits might lead to some reduction in the unemployment benefit amount. You can qualify if you are willing to look for work and have sufficient credits.

  19. I recently missed a class due to my fathers death and they stopped my benifits. Since the. I have attended the class and they have not turned my benefits bak on yet would like to know y. I have always complied with all rules

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