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West Virginia Unemployment Job Search Requirements

As actively seeking new jobs is an essential eligibility factor for UC, the state requires that claimants submit a work search report every week while filing weekly claims. The said record shall contain details regarding number and other relevant information about employers that a claimant contacted in a week.

In certain cases, the state waives a candidates job search requirements hence such a candidate is not expected to provide a work search record. If you are a good standing member of any union, which allots jobs to it’s members through a hiring hall, you are expected to do as your union commands you to.

While seeking new jobs, claimants are requested to use methods that are customary in their field. If submitting a resume is all that’s needed in your field, it can be considered as a work contact for that week. Calling up an employer and inquiring about openings is also another method.

Claimants are expected to look for jobs every week and the number of weekly contacts you must make is often dependant on your field of work. If you remain unemployed even after considerable time, you are encouraged to look for jobs outside of your field. You may even need to take up a job that pays a low wage.

Preparing the job contact record

Following are the details that are to be included in a job contact record.

  1. Names, addresses and contact numbers of employers you got in touch with
  2. Date on which you contacted an employer
  3. Outcome/ status of the job contact

  1. First time doing this and I want to know how do I fill this out and show the jobs I apply for at home?

    • Nicholas,

      It should be pretty self-explanatory/DIY. Please try filing and reporting jobs online after logging in.

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