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West Virginia Unemployment Weekly Claims

When you come in to your local unemployment compensation office to file your initial claim for benefits, you will be instructed on how to file for your first two weeks of unemployment. You will be asked to report in person to file your first claim form. However, all other weeks may be filed by telephone by calling (304) 558-4686 (toll free at 1-800-379-1032) or for the hearing impaired (TDD), by calling (304) 558-6046, or by accessing direct web address, These options are available to you through our INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE (IVR) System.

You may, of course, file by mail, if you prefer that method of filing, or if neither telephone nor web filing is available to you. Whether filing by telephone, web site or mail, you must file your claim within the time period specified.

Filing by mail

When filing your claim by mail, you must file your claim within three (3) days after the end of the week(s) you are claiming.

For example, you must mail the claim on the Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday after the end of WEEK 2 if you are claiming both weeks shown on the claim form. Your claim is considered filed as of the date it is postmarked. If you file late, you may be denied benefits.

CAUTION: Do not phone your claim in if you have been instructed to file it in person. Take the claim to the front counter and give it to an interviewer who will tell you if you need to see anyone else or complete other forms.

Note: If the IVR system (telephone or Internet) is unable to process your claim, you will be notified to contact your local unemployment compensation office.

  1. Hello I file my initial claim online Should I have received some notification that it was received. Also what is the timeframe to file the weekley

    • Yes, that is correct. If you didn’t receive one, please call the Claims Center on the numbers provided to confirm.

      The weekly window details will be provided on the official website.

  2. Why will no one answer in any of the divisions for unemployment? I have left messages, been trying since 8 A.M. Not one person.

    • Please note this is a private forum. We do not have connection with the Unemployment Office in your state.

      Try the phone during off peak hours like noon.

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