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Wisconsin Unemployment Job Search Requirements

To ensure that claimants are actively seeking new job opportunities, each claimant is asked to produce a report on their job hunting efforts for a week while they file their weekly claim. If you have prepared your work search report, you can continue with filing your weekly claim.

The department of Labor considers several factors before they decide whether or not you search for jobs. Unless specifically mentioned by the department that your job search requirements have been waived, you will need to seek new job opportunities every week and file a report on the same.

Following are some of the reasons behind the dept. asking a claimant not to seek new jobs –

  • There is a 100% guarantee that you will return to a job after a temporary layoff period.
  • You are a good standing member of a trade union which has a hiring hall or a referral system and the union has signed an agreement with the state about the same.

If you have managed to find a part-time job, you may not have to seek work. However, it is recommended that you continue searching for a full time job even though you have a part time job. You can contact a claims specialist to find out if your part time job waives you from the requirement of looking for full time jobs.

Keep in mind that if the state decides that your job search efforts are not up to the mark, they may deem you unfit for receiving further benefits. If you are filing for Wisconsin UI from another state and if the state requests you to file for work or report in person, you may need to pay a visit to the public employment office close to your home.

Weekly Job Search Requirements

In state of Wisconsin, following are the job search requirements that must be met by any claimant whose job search requirements are not waived:

Claimant must contact at least 2 employers every week

  1. The claim confirmation document will have a specific set of instructions guiding a claimant on work search requirements.
  2. Ensure that you include all the information that the example mentioned at the back of claim form instructs.
  3. Keep a detailed report and kindly avoid proving false information. Your job search document will be reviewed and any false information may be considered as an act of concealment.
  4. If you have attended a re-employment program at the suggestion of the state, it will be considered as a work contact for the week in which you attended training.

Re-employment Programs

If you don’t have a job that you can return to post a temporary lay off period, the state may request you to attend re-employment programs so that you can get a new job early in your claim.

Taking part in such programs will make you meet the work search requirement for a given week. However, if you attend any other employment workshops on your own, they will be considered as a single work search contact, even if those workshops were conducted by the Job Center.

You will be notified if you need to attend re-employment programs. If you fail to attend the programs that were suggested to you, you may end up losing the benefits. If you already missed any such programs, we recommend that you contact the Job Center immediately to avoid getting disqualified from the benefits.

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  1. I am 62.5 years old. I have a lot of back/pain issues. What if someone offers me a job that requires a lot of heavy lifting, etc. Can I refuse a job because of my medical condition?

    • Leslie,

      I suggest you call the Unemployment Office to inquire if they have any relaxation basis of the claimant’s age. Generally, voluntary reasons are not accepted.

  2. I have received a job offer that will start May 21st, do I still need to do the required 4 job searches for this week even though I am starting a new job on the 21st?

    • I forgot to put my job searches in during the week and the website was shut down on Saturday I entered in my weekly certification what’s going to happen?

  3. Can you go on vacation and claim unemployment if your work search is waived and you have a date when you are scheduled to return to work in Wisconsin?

    • If the Severance payment is a lump sum, please apply immediately or apply towards the end of the payment schedule if it will be disbursed over a period of time.

  4. I have performed my job searches, called everything in, was informed everything was in order, and yet did not receive my compensation. What recourse(s) do I have and will I have to pay taxes on money promised but never delivered?

    • Well, if you applied for Unemployment Compensation and did not hear any further from the authorities, please chase the claims center on the phone numbers provided.

      If you were denied and you feel it was not justified, please ask for an Adjudicator to file an appeal.

  5. If I registered for the job center last week but did not claim it as a job search because my work search was waived, can I still post it as a work search for this week?

    • Not sure of the action you must be taking.

      Please call the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided for further information.

  6. The online work search form says “Enter a valid Email Address, and will not process my search. I am sure that the employer’s email address that I entered is correct. I tried everything: with and without www
    What am I doing wrong? The claim specialist phone line is always busy so I can’t get through by phone.

    • Wish we could help you further in this regard. It may be a temporary system glitch.

      Please try calling the claims center during off peak hours.

  7. I will definitely not be going back to my employer, but I am currently enrolled in a self-paced course so that I can become employed again. I am studying 6-8 hours a day. The institution is on the government’s list of approved schools. Do I still have to do a job search every week?

  8. When calling in for my unemployment and was received, but did not receive my unemployment can that money be re-claimed or need to be?
    I have just received a notice in the mail that my unemployment will not be paid for another 7 weeks what do I do ? Do I keep calling in? Do I keep on doing everything that is required what do I do? If the delay is from the employer who fired me (Blain’s Farm and Fleet) do I have any recourse against them? Is it their problem and/or oversight how do I get past this obstacle(s) ( there have been a few from them)?

  9. I got a seasonal job and will be returning to this employer so I picked up a part time job for the winter I work one week a month and they tell me that I need to do the job search why do I need to ddo this I was told that I did need to ass long as I had a part time job

  10. at the beginning of the year i was laid off for 2-3 months i returned to work
    for the same employer i still work for the same employer now nothing has changed i am now laid off again due to weather i will be returning to the same employer last time i was laid off i did not have to look for work why does the benefits webpage say i have to register with the wi job center and do a job search weekly

    • If its a requirement, we cannot do much.

      If you’re unhappy with any of the conditions, please call the claims center for further advice.

  11. I am laid off for 2 months during our slow period at a hotel in WI. I will definitely be returning to work in February, do I still have to be looking for 4 jobs every week??

  12. i am working temporarily on call all year long when not working I don’t look for work and I m still calling n unemployment every week but have been making to much to collect. m I still eligible.

  13. If I quit a job 7 months ago for a better income full time job with benefits, and now that company reduced my hours per week. Am I eligible for UI benefits?

    • Chris,

      I do not understand how you can quit and work in the same company for reduced hours. Please provide more details.

  14. If I was fired due to attendance while I was out on Bereavement leave, will I still be considered for unemployment benefits?

    • If you lost the job due to no fault of your own,you can qualify.

      You should be able to justify in case of a dispute.

  15. If I am seeking full time work and a temp place wants to meet with me about possible employment will it be considered an offer of work and would I lose my benefits.

    • You may not really loose the benefits but there will an effect.

      Please check with the labor dept in your state.

      • I was fired for attendance because I was unable to go to work because of lack of childcare. Can I still receive unemployment while looking for a new job?

        • You might not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  16. If I am laid off due to a seasonal business closing and will be returning to work for the same employer, can I go on vacation while claiming unemployment in Wisconsin?

    • Seasonal workers are usually not entitled to unemployment compensation due to the nature of work.Please call the customer service of the labor department in your state to check if there are any other benefits available.

  17. In order to remain qualified for unemployment benefits, how far does one have to travel to work for a minimum wage job through a temporary agency before declining?

  18. If I am offered a part time job (3 hours a day a $8 per hour) and don’t accept it will I lose my unemployment?

    • I work a seasonal job for a non profit federally funded program. I have been doing this for 30+ years and have never had an issue collecting unemployment. I am layed off anywhere from 11-14 weeks depending on the state funding we receive. The new rules for doing a work search are a waste of time for myself, the employers who are looking for permanent employees and the state workers in the unemployment offices. Why can’t it be if you have a return to work date that your work search be waived?

      • Well, you can perhaps speak to the Unemployment Office in your state or visit them for further details.

        Please note this is a private forum.

  19. I want to know how to do these jobs claim to continue to get my benefits,i never receive re,ceive any forms for job claims,, I don’t understand what you guys want me to do, iam using my mother computer

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