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Wisconsin Unemployment Office Locations

Wisconsin Unemployment Centers –

Madison Benefit Center
P.O. Box 7905
Madison, WI 53707
Fax: 608-260-3057

Southeast Wisconsin Help Center
P.O. Box 9001
Menomonee Falls, WI 53052
Fax: 608-260-3060

Appleton Benefit Center
P.O. Box 7755
Appleton, WI 54912
Fax: 920-830-7551

Eau Claire Benefit Center
P.O. Box 330
Eau Claire, WI 54702
Fax: 608-327-6134

Know more about Wisconsin Unemployment –

Details on how to apply for unemployment.
Job training for applicants.
Weekly certification requirements.
Calculate your benefits.

  1. How come with 600,000 thousand people in Milwaukee, why don’t we have an unemployment office in our city.

    • Arthur,

      Unemployment Offices generally function as back offices and are administered through phone or online channel. There should be an office in your city. Please call the Claims Center for more.

  2. Where do I get a statement for unemployment benefits received in 2018?

    I need to include them on my taxes, correct?

    • Margie,

      You need a From 1099-G. That is correct. It should be reported as income. Please login to your account on the department’s website to access this form. For additional info, please call the Claims Center.

  3. If I choose to terminate employment under a voluntary separation plan, where I get a lump sum severance payment, can I collect unemployment after I receive my last paycheck?

  4. I quit my job to harrassement and disrespect from supervisor. Reported to GM and was told if I said I would find another job else where if it continued. She stated that If I was threatening her the next time I reported it I
    could find my way out of the job. Finally I walked into my job on November 26th and the supervisor started in again PMS was a nightmare with several things changed and no updates forwarded to me at all. I had to find things out on my own

    • Sandra,

      Please consider claiming UI benefits since you quit under hostile working conditions. Make sure to keep supporting documents handy in case of a dispute.

  5. I live in a very rural area, there are only 7 jobs listed in the newspaper this week, how am I supposed to apply to four different employers that are actively seeking employees every week, (most of the jobs in the paper are for work I cannot do!)

  6. WHERE IS MY MONEY. I have been filing claims on line sense 10/2015. I am told I am eligible. Wisconsin Unemployment states, that I am owed $3000. dollars, in the benefit summery. I have not received a penny. WHERE IS MY MONEY?? I was reamed good at work. Now I am victimized by the Wisconsin Unemployment System. Where I call. I get through, then they hang up on me..

    • I can understand your frustration. We’re not associated with the labor authorities in your state.

      Please call the claims center for further information.

  7. My position has been replaced after return from surgery (only out for 2 1/2 weeks) I was working 38.25 hours a week and have now been reduced to 13 hours per week. I have found a new job that is part time and approximately 24 hours a week with a rotating schedule. It will be full time at end of January. Can I quit the job with 13 hours and work the job with 24 and still be eligible for unemployment benefits?

    • You do not have many options pertaining to this.

      Please check with the unemployment office in your state by calling them and apply accordingly.

  8. I have been calling for 2 1/2 weeks now and have not been able to get through to complete my “initial” claim. What is up with this? How do I get to talk with someone?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. where in Milwaukee wi can I file my unemployment claim and also verify what I have been doing on the internet is being registered

    • You must immediately contact the claims center by phone and make them aware of the situation.They must not take weeks to process paperwork and disburse payment.

  10. how come you cant talk to an adjudicator? I faxed a paper in because another state , which I now live, said I wasn’t registered with them and I was so they gave me a paper saying I was indeed registered, I just need it corrected, why do I have to wait with no check , when they can just correct it

    • I would like to visit the nearest unemployment office to discuss my claim. Can you give me a phone no so that I can set up an appointment at the Milwaukee Benefit Center?

      • Please use a suitable number below.

        Madison Area 608-232-0678
        Milwaukee Area 414-438-7700
        Toll Free Number1-800-UC CLAIM

        • James J.Dehler
          does not live in the areas of Fond Du Lac county and the city of West Bend or Portage,WI. Driving to the closest WI D.M.V. would be to Beaver Dam,WI by tech. college M-P-T-C. Please help me locate a WI DEPT OF WORK FORCE address. The retired uncle and aunt that I live with are lazy religious freaks. After 3 1/2 years of paying rent and half bills I must create a good resume. PLEASE REPLY a.s.a.p.

  11. please give me the location nearest new berlin wi so i can go get help with my claims. i have limited minutes on my phone and cannot wait on hold for hours at a time. very frustrated

  12. I filled 2 weeks ago and am still waiting for follow up. I have had no income since 8-9 and my husband just launched a franchise. He also is waiting to hear whether he can claim unemployment for the weeks his earnings have been less than $300. We appreciate some information ASAP as we have 2 children at home.

    • This is not the unemployment office. Please check the website for your state’s unemployment – they may provide alternate contact methods if you are having trouble reaching by phone. If you fax anything to them be sure to include your name, phone number, and social security # on every page.

        • Check the unemployment website and see if there are alternate contact methods available. If you were referred to a job center, you might be able to use their fax machine.

  13. I have filed for 5 weeks now and am waiting for a response that I should of had at 21 days. I have tried to call every day all day long and every time it says call volume high and hangs up on me. When I try to find a local office it only gives me P.O. boxes. I have been out of work since Jan 2013 and now have been looking for work and have no income…I need an answer of what is going on, or I will look into an attorney to get this issue resolved.

  14. My unemployment was denied so I appealed the decision. The decision was reversed and I was told to keep claiming weekly. When I call to claim it tells me that I don’t have any benefits to claim at this time and to contact a claim specialist. When I try to call the specialist it tells me due to a high volume of calls at this time we are ending this call. Everytime I call a specialist it gives me that message and disconnects me. I’ve tried looking up an address for an office for unemployment near me but all it gives me is a po box number. My family and I are getting sick of this cat and mouse game cause we’re on the verge of eviction.

  15. I have waited 7 weeks now for an answer to my eligibility and have not hear anything back yet, I called s claims specialist and was told to contact the adjudicator handling my case, they told me it should of been already processed and the results allowed benefits but I still hear nothing from them, how can I get my benefits released.

    • Hi Jordan,

      I think you are talking about filing the claim. Since you are telling that you are eligible to receive benefits, have you started your weekly claims? You need to claim benefits each week you are unemployed and there are separate requirements for the same. Please check on this. Also, you might have received a different debit / cash card where you receive your benefits if you have not provided your account details while filing.
      If you have carried out this procedure, why not visit a nearest unemployment office and check what is holding back your benefits?

  16. I have filed for 4 weeks and still no answer, I was told two weeks, then called again two weeks ago and told to wait two more weeks,Iam done if I can’t get a response from you, I am done, I will get a lawyer and go after the state. This is BS.

    • Hi Rick,

      Have you tried visiting a benefit center and get a one-to-one support from a claims specialist to know why your benefits are delayed.
      Please note that, there is a waiting period of 1 week each benefit year during which you will receive no pay and this may extend if your document verification is still in progress. This certainly does not explain why you received no pay for straight 4 weeks though. Visit the office in person before you move on to the lawyer.

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