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Wisconsin Unemployment Weekly Claims

Once a candidate is deemed eligible, he/she will have to start filing weekly claims to continue receiving benefits.

The weekly claim certification is the claim that you file for a certain week for which you wish to receive unemployment benefits. As per UI rules, a calendar week always starts on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday. There is a precise set of requirements that candidates must meet in order to continue remaining eligible for UI.

Claimants are requested to file their weekly claim certification within ONE day of the end of the calendar week you are claiming. You cannot file in advance, i,e you can file your claim only after the week has ended.

If you end up filing a weekly claim certification more than 14 days after the last certification, the system will not let you file a weekly claim certification for a benefit payment. You must reapply to “reactivate” or “reopen” your claim to resume receiving your benefits.

Prepare to answer these questions while filing your weekly claim –

1. Were you able to work full-time and available for full-time work?

2. Did you contact at least two employers during the week to try to find work? (This question is not asked if your work search is waived.)

3. During the week, did you refuse work that was offered to you?

4. During the week, did you work or did you receive or will you receive sick pay, bonus pay or commission?
You will be told to enter the gross amount of income from each employer, including, sick pay, bonus pay and commissions. Do not include holiday, vacation or dismissal pay as wages.You will be told to enter the number of hours and the additional minutes for which you received or will receive pay from each employer.

5. Did you receive, or will you receive, holiday pay, vacation pay or dismissal pay for the week?

If yes, you will be asked to enter the gross amount of each type of pay from each employer. After the gross amount of each type of pay is entered, you will be told to enter the number of hours and the additional minutes for which you received or will receive that type of pay from each employer.

6. Were you self Employed?

If you were self employed i,e conducted a business of your own like farming, LLC, corporation or partnership etc then the answer is “YES”.

If you were into selling Avon, Amway, Tupperware etc mark “NO”. While this is usually considered as employment, the state may consider otherwise. Even if you mark “YES”, it should be okay. However the state may contact you with some questions.

7. Report any changes in the address.

To File a Weekly Claim Certification for a Benefit Payment –

Online: Visit Wisconsin Unemployment

By Telephone:
Toll-Free Number – 414-435-7069

Online and Automated Telephone Weekly Claim Systems timing:
Sunday 9:00 AM – Midnight
Monday-Friday 1:00 AM – Midnight
Saturday 1:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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    • Todd,

      You can stop making weekly claims and that should take care of it. For additional information, please call the Claims Center.

  1. I am having a hard time finding the page to fill in for my weekly job search. It keeps telling me I have no weeks to claim. I talked to a lady from Wisconsin Unemployment and she states that Madison is waiting for my 4 work searches ending 4-19-17. How o I get there.

    • It looks like your claim account may have exhausted.

      Plese call the Claims Center and again and ask for detailed instructions.

  2. I applied for unemployment, did not receive any money. Was not sent anything via the mail. Will I be taxed on money that was never sent or received?

    • Please call the Claims Center to ascertain why it was not paid.

      The weekly amount is generally credited to the bank account as and when you make a claim.

    • Please specify the exact nature of the issue.

      The best way to get this resolved is by contacting the claims center by phone.

  3. I made an error when filling out my weekly paperwork. Is there any way to go back and change it after it is submitted without using the telephone?

  4. I been calling on this phone 608-261-9990
    to claim my weekly unemployment. since in the morning until now it is 2;49 afternoon I couldn’t call because the line is so busy. And I am trying so many time on line my Username was accompanied my password which is strange to me.

  5. When I filled my weekly benefits claim #160424072650 i have a question about I figure in commission I received for sales I made before I was discharged. Commission is paid after merchandise is delivered, but it is not actually paid until after the second 2 week pay period. For example things delivered between the 1st through 15th would not be paid until 2 weeks later than that. So I receive 2 weeks pay all at one time so how do I figure this for my weekly benefits?

  6. I received a letter dated 4/21/16 where it says I was fired from my job and additional information was required to be given within 5 days. Two numbers were supplied to call which neither of them I could not get through till Wednesday or later. I have a letter from my employer stating my discharge was not for misconduct or substantial fault connected to my employment. I was discharged for performance even though i worked to the best of my ability. What can we do to resolve this matter?

    • Well, please let us know if you’re inquiring about applying for UI benefits.

      If you’re looking for help otherwise, please explore the labor laws in your state or negotiate with your employer.

  7. I have been receiving job searches from The Job Center believing it is from the state. Every time I go to file I receive the memo that Ii have not yet signed up for this. If I am receiving the emails of jobs and job searches why would I have to set this up all over again?

  8. When during the day will my weekly claim check be deposited. Mine was scheduled to be deposited today 2-1-16, but as of 1:52 pm the check has not been deposited. I rechecked all my deposit information and the routing and account number is correct.

    • We do not have access to your claim information since this is a private forum.

      Please call the claims center for an update.

  9. I went on line to see if last weeks check was in the bank it automaticly signed me up for another week of unemployment how can I cancel it

  10. Why when I put the email address where I sent my resume through craigslist it says invalid email address. How am I supposed to file my weekly chaim work search when it won’t except the email address. Very frustrating!

    • Please call the claims center for further assistance in this regard.

      We are not associated with the labor dept in your state.

  11. I just did my claim for unemployment got approved but have to talk back to claim specialist on Monday what number do I call

  12. If I exhausted regular 26 weeks of benefits this week can I continue to file weekly claims until Federal Extension is enacted?

    • You will not be able to.

      If the regular,state provided benefits have been exhausted, please watch news on extension of the EUC and apply accordingly.

  13. I stopped calling in my claim because I’m really confused. My benefit letter says they run out in May 2014, yet I haven’t had a check since the end of December 2013. I know what Congress did, but I didn’t think I was in the “extension” area yet. How can i get what was promised to me by letter…reapply? I’m retirement age an d the reality is it’s hard to find a job for me. Please advise…things are getting desperate.

    • May be your application exhausted the regular UI benefits and moved to extension when it stopped.

      You must immediately contact the WI labor dept on one of the numbers below for more information on the letter you received.

      608-232-0824 Madison
      414-438-7713 Milwaukee
      800-494-4944 Toll-free

  14. Last week I have done my weekly claim on-line and this week I have done it by automated phone. Do I need to talk to someone live to have this processed?

    • I don’t think that is required.You can check the status of the claim filed online for update.

      It is all the same.

    • Please report that you have worked less than what is considered a full time job.I suggest that you file online for self help.

  15. I have a few weeks that I did not claim the hours worked-did not hear and follow the question properly. How can I fix this?

    • Simple.Please speak to a representative from the claims team of the labor department/ if you filed online, you must have an option.

  16. Hi, I am trying to reopen my UI Benefits. My current job I called in to my supervisor to say I lost my car and was unable to work. I called in both days, on second day my supervisor asked if I was resigning I said no. I was then told I will be fired for abandonment of job. Can I collect UI benefits again? Thank you

  17. I was denied first time had to make 1.400 more dollars did so could u check see if iqualify now called in claim last week but cant get threw this week to follow up to talk to some one how do I claim on line

  18. I have registered for everything on line the job center keeps sending me in circles an I can’t figure out how to post my resume?

  19. could i please have a weekly print out mailed to me as to what weeks my unemployment is for. i just started receiving, and it is direct deposit. but i dont know for wat weeks i was elible for. please contact me , i tried calling and 1800 4944944. it told me to call back i just need a paper trail thank u

  20. I have applied already how do i set up up payment. On the card they talk about?
    the phone said my payment was made on 9/10/13 where is it ?

  21. please I need the address to the Madison office , I need to mail my form in for Direct Deposit ,for my check to be deposited onto my Pre Paid card every week. thank you.

    • I am sorry to say we are not affiliated with any unemployment office. You could try google or perhaps Wisconsin Unemployment allows you to complete the necessary paper work for your deposit online.

  22. Look I’ve been looking for work for awhile now,I’ve been as far away as Florida to California. Then my VA Rep suggested going back to school now I’m being told I don’t qualifiy because the courses I’ve chosen don’t meet your requirerments but they the Federal Governments because they requiredment them. So please tell what hoops I got to jump through to quilifiy for retraining benefits. I would really be happy to do what it takes because otherwise I have to drop out and don’t know what then.

  23. Hello, I have been claiming for two weeks now. I did receive a statement stating that I can get 360.00. Will I recieve this amount this following week or how long untill I can get paid? Rent is coming and I need to make sure I get this check! Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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