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Wyoming Unemployment Extension

As the federally funded EUC is unavailable currently, claimants must make do with regular UI benefits until further action is taken by the senate.

EB are available only for claimants who exhausted both EUC and regular benefits. However, availability of EB is subject to change as it is dependant on current unemployment rates. As of now, EB is not available in the state of Wyoming. Applicants are requested to visit the state DLR page to know about currently available Reemployment Assistance plans.

Eligibility Requirements for EUC

A claimant must have a benefit year that has ended and be unable to establish a new benefit year under regular Unemployment Insurance.

— OR —

A claimant must have received all unemployment insurance benefits available in a current benefit year (the benefit year has not yet ended, but there is no balance available).

— AND —

A claimant must have total earnings on the regular unemployment claim of at least 1.5 times the highest quarter in the Base Period of that claim.

How to File a EUC Claim?

  • File Online at
  • By telephone at (307) 473-3789
  • Claimants living outside of Wyoming may file online or call 1-866-729-7799

About to run out of regular unemployment insurance benefits?? ——> Know about Unemployment Extension

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