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Wyoming Unemployment Job Search Requirements

A claimant must actively seek new job opportunities to remain eligible for UC. State law requires that  a claimant must make at least two employer contacts per week. Bear in mind that the state may demand your work search report any time.

You can obtain a Work Search Log sample in the claimant handbook . You may also find this on

While creating your work search report, you will need the following details for every employer

  • Date of first correspondence with the employer/ company
  • Method used in applying for the job
  • Nature of work that was sought by you
  • Telephone number, email address or postal address of the employer you contacted
  • Outcome of the correspondence
  • Name of the company/ employer

Wyoming Department of Workforce Services may conduct an audit of your claim at any time. You may be asked to provide your Work Search Log. If you are unable to produce the log with all requirements, you may not be eligible for benefits.

    • Did you file online or by phone? You must have been provided detailed instructions at the time of filing.

      Please call the customer service if you have any questions.

  1. I received an overpayment statement for unemployment compensation from the week of 2/9 and 2/16/2013. I was unemployed and diligently searching for work during the time that I collected those funds. To the best of my knowledge, I filled out all the paperwork appropriately. If further documentation is needed, please send me the information that I did provide for those weeks so that I can contact those potential employers for confirmation of my job search efforts with them.

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