Wyoming Unemployment Office Locations

Get the location and contact information of your nearest Unemployment Office from the table below.

Location Phone Number Address
Afton 886-9260 350 S. Washington St.
Casper 234-4591 851 Werner Court, Ste. 120
Cheyenne 777-3700 1510 E. Pershing Blvd.
Cody 587-4241 1026 Blackburn Ave., Ste. 1
Douglas 358-2147 311 Russell Ave. #B
Evanston 789-9802 98 Independence Dr. 2
Gillette 682-9313 551 Running W Dr., Ste. 100
Jackson 733-4091 155 West Gill Ave.
Kemmerer 877-5501 20 Adaville Rd. (Diamondville)
Lander 335-9224 1295 12th Street
Laramie 742-2153 3817 Beech St., Ste. 100
Newcastle 746-9690 22922 Highway 85
Powell 754-6436 599 N. Cheyenne St. (Northwest College, Frisby Building)
Rawlins 324-3485 1703 Edinburgh St.
Riverton 856-9231 422 E. Fremont Ave.
Rock Springs 382-2747 2451 Foothill Blvd., Ste. 100
Sheridan 672-9775 247 Grinnell Plaza Suite 200
Torrington 532-4171 1610 East M St.
Wheatland 322-4741 1958 W. Mariposa Pkwy.
Worland 347-8173 1200 Culbertson Ave., Ste. F

  1. have the employee sign one or two written warnings before you terminate her.keep these on file. if she doesnt change her work habits afterwards those write-ups should be your defense against paying unemployment insurance.

    • Brian,

      The employer has all the rights to dispute or appeal if they think the employee does not deserve it considering the circumstances under which the employment was terminated.

  2. I have an employee who has called in sick 5 times in two months, and has had alcohol on her breath 3 times in one month. She also calls in because she said she hasn’t had her heart medicine in two months. She has been late 30 times in two months. Do I have to pay her unemployment if I let her go.

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