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Wyoming Unemployment Office Locations

Updated : June 21st, 2019

Get the location and contact information of your nearest Unemployment Office from the table below.

LocationPhone NumberAddress
Afton886-9260 350S. Washington St.
Casper234-4591 851Werner Court, Ste. 120
Cheyenne777-3700 1510E. Pershing Blvd.
Cody587-4241 1026Blackburn Ave., Ste. 1
Douglas358-2147 311Russell Ave. #B
Evanston789-9802 98Independence Dr. 2
Gillette682-9313 551Running W Dr., Ste. 100
Jackson733-4091 155West Gill Ave.
Kemmerer877-5501 20Adaville Rd. (Diamondville)
Lander335-9224 129512th Street
Laramie742-2153 3817Beech St., Ste. 100
Newcastle746-9690 22922Highway 85
Powell754-6436 599N. Cheyenne St. (Northwest College, Frisby Building)
Rawlins324-3485 1703Edinburgh St.
Riverton856-9231 422E. Fremont Ave.
Rock Springs382-2747 2451Foothill Blvd., Ste. 100
Sheridan672-9775 247Grinnell Plaza Suite 200
Torrington532-4171 1610East M St.
Wheatland322-4741 1958W. Mariposa Pkwy.
Worland347-8173 1200Culbertson Ave., Ste. F

  1. have the employee sign one or two written warnings before you terminate her.keep these on file. if she doesnt change her work habits afterwards those write-ups should be your defense against paying unemployment insurance.

    1. Brian,

      The employer has all the rights to dispute or appeal if they think the employee does not deserve it considering the circumstances under which the employment was terminated.

  2. I have an employee who has called in sick 5 times in two months, and has had alcohol on her breath 3 times in one month. She also calls in because she said she hasn’t had her heart medicine in two months. She has been late 30 times in two months. Do I have to pay her unemployment if I let her go.

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