Wyoming Unemployment Phone Numbers

Should you require the assistance of a live person, claimants are directed to contact the claims center at 307-473-3789 or 866-729-7799 (if calling from outside Wyoming).

There is a chance that you may have to endure long wait times owing to the constant calls from other individuals as well. Remember to maintain a polite and courteous manner while speaking to the representative.

To get the contacts of all the office locations click here.

  1. I was injured in Wyoming and was on workers comp and have permanent disability from it when I contacted my case worker to see if I apply for unemployment benefits and food stamps in Wyoming or Utah she told me to contact you to find out since i live I Utah could you please help me out with this question thank you very much

    1. If you’re actively looking for jobs that suit your condition, please call the Unemployment Division of the labor dept in your state and apply accordingly.

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