Wyoming Unemployment Weekly Claims

Wyoming Unemployment Weekly Claims

Wyoming unemployment insurance benefits are available for workers who are out of work, through no fault of their own. The unemployment insurance program is an essential safety net to help unemployed workers transition into new employment.

In order to maintain your eligibility for UI benefits and receive unemployment compensation, you must make a good faith effort to report any income and look for work.

Weekly claims maintain unemployment eligibility

After applying for unemployment benefits, you will need to submit what’s known as a continued claim. This is a weekly report of all your income and job search activities. The week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday at midnight. You must wait for the week to end before filing. You must submit your continued claim no longer than 14 days after the end of the week.

You will need to contact two separate employers each week. If you work a part-time job, that employer can count as one of the two employers for that week, but you must continue to search for full-time employment.

When submitting your weekly unemployment claim, you will need to include:

  • Any hours or income earned for the week, including tips.
  • The date you made contact with an employer
  • The name of each employer contacted
  • How you contacted each company (online application, email, etc.)
  • The name of the person you contacted, as well as their phone number, mailing address, and email address
  • Type of work you are seeking
  • Outcome of contact

You will need to keep this information on file, even if you are no longer receiving benefits. To prevent unemployment fraud, the state of Wyoming regularly audits its unemployment insurance program. Failure to respond to audit requests could result in a loss of benefits.

How to file continued claims online

  • Log into your WYUI account by visiting https://wyui.wyo.gov/.
  • Click “Continued Claim” >> “File a Continued Claim”
  • Honestly answer the questionnaire

Check your WYUI correspondence tab each time you finish submitting a continued claim. This ensures you have the most up-to-date information regarding each weekly continued claim.

How to file a continued weekly claim by phone

  • Call the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services at (307) 473-3789
  • Listen to the automated introduction, and select the appropriate option.
  • Enter your unemployment PIN
  • Answer all questions truthfully

The Wyoming Telephone Claim System is available 24 hours per day and includes options for English and Spanish.

If you have questions that require the help of a customer service representative, need to schedule an in-person appointment, or would like more information about job training programs available, call one of the Wyoming unemployment phone numbers to reach the appropriate department.

How do I know if my continued claim was successfully submitted?

To check whether your continued claim was successfully submitted, log into WYUI and click Inquiry >> Benefits >> Claimant/Claim Inquiry. This page should tell you whether the claim has been received and whether UI benefits have been paid.

How to collect payment

After your weekly continued claim has been filed, the agency will notify your last employer to verify the information. Once the processing is complete, you will either receive payment or a notice explaining why your unemployment benefit claim was denied.  Use the Wyoming unemployment calculator to estimate your weekly payment.

Once your initial claim has been approved, you will receive a ReliaCard prepaid debit card in the mail. This card is used to issue payments if a check or direct deposit cannot be processed.

You can use your ReliaCard to receive all benefit payments, or you can request to receive them via direct deposit. To set up a direct deposit, log into your WYUI account and update your payment method. This can be found by clicking Benefit Maintenance >> Update Claimant Profile >> Payment Options. You will need your account number and bank routing number.

  1. I file a claim for week ending November 22 and 29,2013 but i havent get anything on my card..my change of address is P.O Box# 4005, Tuba City, Arizona 86045

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