Illinois Unemployment Office Locations

Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES)
Call Center: 800-244-5631
TTY: 866-322-8357
Regular office timings : 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday – Friday except for state holidays.

Employment Security Offices, State of Illinois

Office Locations
Center Address Zip Code
Arlington Heights 723 West Algonquin Rd. 60005-4432
Belleville(Closed for now) 4519 West Main 62223-5552
Burbank 5608 West 75th Place 60459-3200
Carlinville 116 Plum Street 62626
Carmi 1700 College Avenue 62821
Champaign 1307 North Mattis Ave. 61826-3369
Chicago Offices
Center Address Zip Code
Daley College 7500 South Pulaski Rd. 60652
Lawrence 2444 West Lawrence 60625-2912
MidSouth 4314 South Cottage
Grove, Room 209
Truman College 1145 W. Wilson
Avenue, Suite
1917 60640
Woodlawn 1515 East 71st Street 60619-1503
list of Offices
Center Address Zip Code
Chicago Heights 202 S. Halsted St., ATOC Building, Suite 148 60411-2663
Danville 407 North Franklin 61832-4511
Decatur 757 West Pershing Road 62525-5440
Effingham 2311 Hoffman Dr Effingham 62401-2839
Harvey 16845 South Halsted Street Harvey 60426-6113
Joliet 250 North Chicago Joliet 60432-4030
Kankakee 450 N. Kinzie Ave 60915
Lisle 2525 Cabot Drive, Suite 302 60532
Marion Illinois Star Center 3000 W. DeYoung, Suite 800B 62959
Maywood 1701 S. First Street, Suite 10 60153
Mount Vernon 333 Potomac Blvd., Suite E Mount Vernon 62864-2200
North Aurora 2 Smoke Tree Plaza North Aurora 60542
Ottawa 1550 First Ave – South Towne Mall Ottawa 61350-4821
Peoria 406 Elm Street Peoria 61605-3968
Quincy 107 North Third 62301
Rock Island 500 42nd Street, Suite 1 Rock Island 61201
Rockford 303 North Main Rockford 61101
Springfield 1300 South Ninth, P.O. Box 19493 Springfield 62703
Sterling 2323 East Lincolnway Sterling 61081-3047
Waukegan One North Genessee Street 60085
Will County 2400 Glenwood Avenue 60435
Wood River 101 E. Edwardsville Rd. 62095
Woodstock 500 Russell Court Woodstock 60098-2614
Regional Offices
Center Address Zip Code
Chicago 33 South State, 9th Floor 60603
Metro South (Chicago) 16845 South Halsted Street 60426-6113
Northern 2 Smoke Tree Plaza North Aurora 60542
Northwest 410 Elm Street Peoria 61605-3968
Southern 333 Potomac Blvd, Suite G 62864-2200

  1. I need to get a corrected 1099G. Someone stole my identity and filed unemployment under my social. I have filed a police report and reported the crime with the Illinois Department of Employment Security. I did not receive any unemployment money or benefits. How do I get my corrected 1099G? Thanks.

    • Good luck they made me pay it all bacand the same thing happened to me they won’t send the money to you. And it’s impossible to get a hold of anyone takes days for them to call you back

    • Dear Julia,
      Please contact the Illinoise unemployment office immediately. I am surprised law enforcement didn’t instruct you to take this step. The state will send a corrected Form 1099-G to the IRS to document that you did you not receive benefits.

      Please call as many times as you need to–it can be difficult to reach someone.





  3. The address that is given for Belleville, IL is incorrect. They have moved to a new location. What is the new address? Also are they open now? I have tried to go to this employment office several times and it has been closed.

    • Gina,

      Thank you for the note. We will have it validated. Please visit the official Unemployment Office’s website for accurate locations.

  4. I work for a non profit business in Illinois we had to close due to this corena virus I worked there for 7 years can I draw unemployment . I filed and they show my amount is 000 am I still able to collect with what the government is offering

    • Robin,

      We understand this might be a difficult time for you. We’re anticipating a shortage of staff across unemployment offices due to the massive surge in UI applications considering the pandemic. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response instantly.

      Your state may have activated “Extended Benefits (EB)” authorized by the federal government. We recommend you apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official Unemployment website.

  5. For people that have lost their jobs due to COVID19 or its impact, we’re offering free career coaching services to get people back on their feet. Can we help your office handle the large volume I’m sure you’re dealing with?

    People can visit to book a free session. Please let anyone who needs our help know that we’re here for them!

  6. I was in a car accident Dec 2, 2019, I went on STD leave and my company was great about it but sadly im still not released to go back to work and my STD (short term disability) is up today March 3rd 2020. I was let go because they could not keep my position open any longer. I believe im qualified for LTD but not sure until they review my case. Would I qualify for unemployment if I don’t qualify for LTD? I see my Neurologist March 5th about what my possible return to work date will be. I should inform you that I have only been in the current position for 6 months prior to my car accident, I did collect unemployment for a very brief time a couple months about 20 years ago when I worked at a seasonal job.

    • Shawna,

      We hope you get well soon. I suggest you call the Unemployment Office to inquire about your eligibility.

  7. Was involuntarily placed on an unpaid leave of absence, I did not resign/quit nor was I fired. Do I qualify for unemployment? If so, what items do I need to bring with me when I file?

    • Maggie,

      You should be able to claim with basic documents. I suggest you get started with the process. The documentation part will follow.

  8. Hello, Is there a place to find what constitutes as national holiday(s) for UI benefits certification process? The office is closed and I don’t want to miss holiday pay or mistakenly report holiday pay. Anyone/anywhere I can find this information on a list to be used for the to certify for the certification process?

    P.S. if certify w/o national holiday information will UI benefits automatically be added to next benefits or will I lose out?


    • Angela,

      Please call the Unemployment Office since UI benefits are generally not extended to claimants who lose their job due to voluntary reasons.

  9. Im going on maternity leave soon and was wondering if i could get unemploymet due to my unborn having to have surgery?

    • Keisha,

      You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  10. What is considered a voluntary reason? I am in fear of loosing my job. My manager is always telling me that I make too many mistakes. I am not doing this on purpose. If I am fired, for my mistakes, would I still be eligible?

    • Michelle,

      This might be considered voluntary since it’s related to your performance. Under such circumstances, you may not be eligible to receive UI benefits.

  11. Hello I have a question I work for an agency and sometimes theres work and sometimes not. And I am pregnet i has apply online for jobs and I havent found One. If I apply for unemployment Will I get apreved because I rally need to get an income now that Im pregnat.

    • You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  12. I’ve been working for 19 years and was laid off. I exhausted my first quarter of unemployment last year. I’ve put in for jobs online and been waiting for them to call or email me to come in and start working again. I know I’ve had unemployment benefits for other quarters. How do I get started on a different quarter to help with my financial bills. Is that possible?

    • Unfortunately, UI is a one-time affair and not revolving in nature.

      Please call the Claims Center to inquire about the availability of state-sponsored benefits.

  13. My boss cursed at me on a regular basis and was not paying into Social Security and the IRS even informed me that I don’t have an employer. I was the last employee left in 3 locations. He informed me if I didn’t walk away peacefully that I would be fired. He is now paying everyone as Independent Contractors when it is very clear that they are all employees.

    • Independent contractors do not qualify for unemployment insurance. Please call the Unemployment Office for further details.

  14. How can I pay the lien in amount of 1894.00 and obtain a release.

    File # 1603239043
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    Lacy & Associates LLC
    Attn. Michael Lacy
    Two Mid America Plaza, Suite 800
    Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois 60181
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    Direct Line: 630-873-3484
    Fax: 630-214-0369

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  15. I was on my job for 2yrs and I was a great worker. But the managers was very disrespectful and out of line so I quit. I want to know if I qualify for unemployment.

    • You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  16. If your employer doesn’t deny unemployment and they have paid into it for 5 years for you then should the applicant get unemployment regardless if they were fired or laid off?

  17. I live in Illinois, but work remotely for a company in Texas, and have for the past few years. Do I file for unemployment in Texas or Illinois?

    • Please consider filing from the state where your employment is based since the employer would have remitted the relevant taxes there.

  18. I need to change my pin number and its telling me to call 800-244-5631 and its busy. Been trying to call since 830 help me

    • Please see if you’re able to find option to change the PIN on the department’s official website.

      Otherwise, please try calling them during off peak hours during the day.

  19. I apply for Unemployment and I made an error where they asked me If I had any changes and I said yes because my son turn 18 in August but he is still in High school and they told me that is not a change for the Unemployment not paid me the money for my son; I had call 3 times and they said they are going to corrected and they have not done so, please can you help me, thank so much.

    • We are not associated with the labor authorities in your state.

      Please keep trying the phone during off peak hours.

  20. my question is I have been on line applying for jobs but has yet to find one and during this time I have exhausted all my unemployment funds for the first quarter, and I want to know what I have to do to continue my unemployment for a second term until I can find employment.

  21. Why does your phone line hang up on people and why is your line always busy? We maybe unemployed but we are not cattle. I need to speak with someone.

  22. I have been working at this company for ten years. I went out of the country since my husband passed away and so had to settle my husband’s assets back home and so took a three month leave from work. Got back and emailed them that I was ready to start work from April 1st but got no response. After two weeks went to meet the employer and was told to perform another form of work which was not my title. since this was a demotion and reduction inpay and hours, I quit. Do I qualify for unemployment. I have been trying in other places and so did not try for unemployment. Since it is now three months since I dont have a job do I qualify for unemployment benefits? Please update me on this. Thanks.

  23. I know that illinois was one of 5 states that would not pay unemployment benefits if you were also collecting Social Security. Has that changed ? I drive a school bus and will not be driving in the summer months. Can I collect unemployment compensation until school resumes ?

  24. I gave a two week notice at my previous job and I got a call from the supervisor telling me I didn’t need to complete the last four of my six days for that period because she already had my hours covered…I did not start the new job till the following week. I was wondering if I qualify for unemployment for that time….thanks

  25. I registered on line last Wednesday. Then husband got a call from your group, but I was not home. Next day call promised. Never got the call. I need to have that call. Can you help?

  26. My husband has worked for a company for almost a year and is on the Midnight Shift; he can not sleep and has been to see the doctor on two different occasions. He is extremely depressed; now taking medication, and still having an issue sleeping. Now the company has forced employees to now work 10 hour shifts on midnights and this has even made the issue worse. My husband tells me he has lost himself and does not even feel it is safe for him and other because he does not get enough sleep. He is looking for other jobs every day. If he ends up having to quit his job for these above reasons, can’t sleep, depressed, not safe; will he be able to qualify for unemployment?

    • Mostly Yes. If he resigns citing working conditions and will actively look for a job, please consider applying.

  27. What’s the phone# to the Woodlawn location I can be reached @ 312-835-4441 or you can email the information via the email address above. Thank you in advance and have a great day.

    • Most of the states process claims centrally.You can reach the claims center of the Labor department in Illinois on (800) 244-5631 for any queries.

  28. I filed for unemployment 5 weeks ago and have not received anything yet. I had my phone interview with Veronica weeks ago and received a determination that I am eligible. Then I received something in the mail saying I needed to have another phone interview tomorrow but I received a voicemail from Veronica yesterday saying that the notice of phone interview was sent in error and she would take care of it but I contacted the call center and they said the status is still showing as pending. Please contact me through email as soon as possible and I will give you additional information to let me know what is going on.

  29. My benefits were recently reinstated. I called to certify on Monday and was supposed to recieve benefits today. When I checked my online billing statement it said I had a manual online hold release. What does this mean and how can I get my money released to me?!

  30. I called to certify on 1/5/2014 for my benefits my claim was approved never got them .I waited a week and checked back got a message a
    saying my claim has been suspened. I have trying to call and cannot get thru.

    • You must follow up to ascertain the reason for suspension. Use the number below if you have been trying a different one.A letter should be mailed providing a reason for suspension.

      800) 244-5631
      (866) 322-8357 TTY

  31. I have filed on line for unemployment benefits almost 2 weekd ago and have not heard any thing from them.Please let me know if my claim has gone through.Please do not tell me to call because no one answers the phone.

  32. I live in Indiana and work in Illinois. Do I file for unemployment in the state of Illinois or Indiana? Thank you!

  33. My wife has been working for her company 39 hours a week for 8 years, now she is only working 24 because they don’t want to pay for insurance. Can she file for benefits for the 15 hours she’s loosing, Or can she get benefits if she quits so she can look for another lob. Please help, Thank you

  34. I have a question? If I’m having problems at work because of en employee and I had talk to the owners and all they do is talk to the employee and the employee don’t stop, if I way to quit because I’m tired of always getting in trouble of the employee and I quit can I collect unemployment till I find another job. I have tired to talk to another manager that works in the morning but he always defends her because she has been working her for 20 yrs with the company. He gives her all the reason and don’t want to be fair.

    • I am being treated unfair at my workplace and there is a lot of inappropriate behavior going on in he workplace and neither of the owners will do anything to stop it. The one owner actually participates in this behavior. Am I entitled to unemployment benefits ?

      • You can quit and claim UI until you find a new job. However, if there is a dispute, you will be required to prove your stand with supporting documents.

    • It doesn’t sound too likely you would be found eligible but if you present more details to the unemployment office, they might find you had a compelling reason to quit and find you eligible. We are not the unemployment office. I would recommend – Keep trying to hold on to your job and work things out.

  35. I am a flight attendant for united airlines based in Chicago. I am not able to work by a doctor’s orders and possible surgery. I am out of sickleave and have been off since May 25, 2013. Do I have the correct information that I may apply for some type of unemployment.
    Thank you Vicki Renfroe

    • Hi Vicki,

      Inorder to receive unemployment, it is necessary for you to be able to and available to work. But, since you are not able to work, please try if you qualify for temporary disability benefits.

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