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State: Massachusetts (MA)
Phone Number:617-626-6560; TDD/TYY number : 800-439-2370; Unemployment check status 617-626-6563 ; Unemployment claim wages : 617-626-5039;
Major Towns:Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Cambridge, Lowell, Brockton, Quincy, New Bedford, Fall River, and Lynn
Current Unemploymnet Rate in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Unemployment Questions

Will I be eligible for UI benefits if I am fired?
You may be eligible if you were fired for poor performance. However, if your employer is able to show that you were fired for deliberate misconduct or violation of a company rule, you may be disqualified.

Can I collect Unemployment Insurance if I have received severance pay?
In most cases you cannot collect severance pay and UI benefits for the same weeks. If you are disqualified from receiving UI benefits because of severance pay, your benefit year will be extended for the number of weeks for which you received severance pay. If your employer required you to sign a “Release of Claims” in order for you to receive your severance pay, you may be able to receive Unemployment Insurance benefits for the same weeks you receive severance pay.

My work hours have been reduced. Am I eligible to claim unemployment benefits?
If your schedule of working hours is reduced, you are typically eligible. You can receive a full benefit for weeks when there is no work or a partial benefit for weeks when there is less than the normal full-time schedule. Generally, you must experience a reduction of at least 1/3 of your hours/earnings in order to receive even a minimal benefit but a reduction of that much or more will usually qualify for receipt of some benefit. The greater the reduction the higher the payable benefit. Your actual eligibility cannot be determined until you file a claim.

How does part-time work affect my unemployment benefits in MA?
Individuals who are receiving unemployment benefits often work at part-time jobs while receiving Unemployment Insurance benefits. In some cases individuals file claims when they are separated from their primary or full-time jobs but continue to work at a part-time job. In other cases individuals are able to obtain a part-time job after filing their claims. The law provides a mechanism for individuals to receive benefits while working in part-time employment. Once the amount of your weekly unemployment benefit is established, a formula is used to determine how much is payable to you for any week in which you work part-time. You can earn up to one third of your unemployment benefit amount and still receive your full benefit. Any earnings in excess of the one-third limit result in a dollar-for-dollar reduction in your benefit for the week.

Am I eligible for Unemployment Insurance benefits if I have worked for for non-profit organization?
Most workers are covered under law by the Unemployment Insurance program. However, workers in the following categories generally are not eligible to collect benefits: employees of churches and certain religious organizations; worker trainees in a program administered by a nonprofit or public institution; real estate brokers or insurance agents who work on a commission basis only; consultants working independently; elected officials and certain government officials in policy-making and advisory positions; and members of a legislative body or the judiciary.

I worked in another state. How do I file for Unemployment Insurance benefits?
If you worked solely in another State you will need to file your claim against that State. Some states allow you to file your claim by phone or Internet, while others require you to visit an office in person.

I was laid off twice in a year. Can I file twice?
Once your claim is filed, it remains the same for one year. Your claim can be opened and closed during that year depending on your employment and availability status. It is available until you exhaust all your benefits or until your benefit year has expired, whichever comes first.

Questions & Answers

  1. My hours at work were just reduced from 40hrs. aweek to 26hrs.aweek . Will i be able to collect a partial benifit or does it also depend on the hourly pay you are still getting , thanks .

  2. Can I receive unemployment benefits while receiving a 6 month monthly severance package from my company?

  3. i am about to be discharged honorably from the us army 30 may 2013, what do i need to bring to start my claim.

  4. I am retiring in October in the state of Massachusetts, do I qualify for unemployment? I have heard yes and no, I want a concrete answer.

    Thank you for your support.


  5. I have not received a total unemployment benefits that I have received.
    I need it to do my taxes.
    Thank You

  6. I was laid of from my job as an overseas contractor. My home is in Lousinna. The company I worked for provided an W-2 from MA. I did not receive any income from my state of resident how do I apply fo un-employment ins. from MA.

  7. Hi, I graduated from Bachelor of Science in Health in July 2012. But I have been looking for a full time or part time job and cant find any. I currently have a perdiem job which means I only work as needed, sometimes I get called and sometimes i go without hours. Do I QUALIFY FOR UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS?

  8. Hi
    I only work per diem and did not work last week or this coming week. I did claim the week I worked two days and now when I call the teleclaim center I can’t claim for last week. How do I expedite my claim again

  9. I have been trying for 2 days to get thru to the unemployment office and cannot. I need a call back at 413 224 1831. Why cannot I get thru? And why can I not file me claim over the phone any longer?

  10. i would like to get a copy of my empolyment for the last 7 yrs for an application i am filling out for a federal job.

    • You can normally receive unemployment if your hours or earnings are cut back by at least 1/3rd. You will obtain only partial benefit. The higher the cutback the greater your benefit. You must file a claim to see if you are qualified for the sum of your unemployment benefit.

  11. I have relocated to GA in hopes of starting a job. The job fell through. How do I file for unemployment now that I am in GA/

  12. I was recently laid off from Fidelity Investments. Live in Mass and but work in NH. Job was transferred. Was annoucned that I am being released from work on June 30. I will obtain some serverance but need to know the rules on where to apply for unemployment insurance. Can you assist me? Thank you.

  13. I have hired a previously unemployed contractor who was receiving unemployment comp. this contract may end soon. After more than year can he go back on the previous employer’s unemployment comp?
    This is in Massachusetts .


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